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The Benefits Of Recurve Crossbows

Lot’s of people ask what a recurve crossbow is. While many folks are familiar with standard recurve archery equipment, recurve crossbows tend to be less common. Unlike the traditional archery market where compound bows have dominated the hunting bow market, the market for recurve crossbows is still moving along well and many people actually prefer them if given the choice.

One major benefit of recurve crossbows is that they are far more lighter, accurate, and reliable than compound crossbows. Since they are less complicated, they allow for more trouble-free shooting and less upkeep and maintenance. If you find that you need to replace the string on the crossbow itself, the recurve crossbow allows for an easier replacement process while in the field. Where re-stringing a compound requires either a special cable and or a bow press at an archery shop. Furthermore, you don’t have to shoot an arrow into the ground in order to simply un-cock a recurve limb. Compound crossbows need to be unloaded via a decocking bolt or a target used to fire an arrow into.

Keep Things Basic With A Recurve Crossbow

recurve vs compoundThe recurve itself is also seen as being far more simple due to the fact that it doesn’t have the complicated stringing and cabling that is normally required for crossbows that are either asymmetric-wheel or round-wheel compound. In terms of compound crossbows, these typically have limbs that are much shorter in size, which makes them easier to handle in tight spaces as opposed to recurve crossbows which need longer limbs to produce the energy necessary to fling the arrow or bolt down range. Additionally, there are some compound crossbows that shoot the same arrow weight much more quickly than some of their recurve counterparts actually do, and it’s a compound crossbow also currently holds the speed record among all other production bows.

With a vast array of leading brands such as Excalibur, OMP, and TenPoint, you will be able to experience an exceptional amount of reliability and accuracy when it comes to recurve crossbows and the many different accessories that come with them.

Recurve Vs Compound Crossbow

It really depends on how much speed you want out of the crossbow, and whether you are willing to achieve more speed and power with the caveat of more moving parts, additional maintenance and a heavier overall design. For simplicity and durability, it’s tough to beat the recurve. Many preppers and survivalists swear by them for those reasons alone.

Recurve crossbows are extremely popular among both hunters and competition archers because of many different factors, which include the following:

*Durability – fewer moving parts means less maintenance and upkeep
*Design – lightweight and easy to sling over the shoulder for hunting purposes
*Quiet operation – no cables and pulleys mean less noise which can alert game

When it comes to searching for a high performance recurve crossbow there are many types that possess adjustable draw weights which will enable you to select just the right amount of power for the shot that you want to make. Furthermore, you can obtain even more functionality and convenience thanks to factors like integrated cocking mechanisms, multipurpose foregrips with finger guards, and anti-dry-fire integrations.

Thanks to the many reliable brands currently on the market today, you are sure to find a powerful and accurate recurve crossbow and accessory package that will provide you with everything you need, whether it’s for your next hunting trip or competition.

Buy The Best Recurve Crossbow You Can Afford

That’s really what it boils down to in the long run! Remember, you can always sell the recurve crossbow you have and buy a better model at some point down the road.

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