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How To Choose The Best Crossbow

There are a number of features you should take into consideration when purchasing a new crossbow. Good crossbows aren’t cheap. In fact buying a cheap crossbow usually leads to more problems and issues then most want to deal with. Plus there are always safety concerns with cheap crossbows made from low quality components which can fail and cause injury.

The first question to ask yourself when choosing the best crossbow for the money is “What will the crossbow be used for?”

choose-best-crossbowA deer hunting crossbow, for example, may not be the best crossbow choice for target shooting.  A stationary target requires a crossbow that does not move and can be held steady with ease, so heavier models may be suitable. Target crossbows usually do not require the same amount of draw weight as deer hunting crossbows do. Sticking an arrow in a target can be done with much less force then driving it through a live animal with enough force to break bones and punch through vitals.

Something lightweight is much better if you are going to be carrying the crossbow around while hunting. If you intend to hunt from a ground blind then size and weight isn’t a huge issue. But if you intend to hunt from a tree stand, or do a lot of run and gun style still hunting, then a smaller, lighter model may be a better choice.

How heavy should the crossbow be?

If you want convenience, stealth, and quickness, then going lightweight may be the best crossbow option for you. But extra weight will help to keep the crossbow from moving off target and result in tighter arrow groups. Consider how much travelling you will be doing with the crossbow, and what other equipment you will need to bring. For hunting, where long distances are covered on foot or if hunting from a tree stand , choose the lightest crossbow as the best option.

What draw weight should the crossbow have?

This is contingent on how physically capable you are when operating a crossbow, what type of animal you are trying to hunt or if you plan to use the crossbow strictly for target shooting. The draw weight usually has a range from 75 pounds to 200. A rope draw cocking aid can help you to pull heavier weights, often by as much as half. Lesser draw weights can be compensated by a better speed of power stroke. The lengthier the power stroke the faster the arrow will travel.

Speed cocking a crossbow is best done with a rope style cocking device as the crank style cocking devices can be rather slow in comparison. A compound crossbow is best for a speedy shot. The energy is stored which leads to a stronger propulsion when the arrow is released.

What is the best way to silence a crossbow?

Parallel limb recurve designs make for quieter crossbows. One with a cam mechanism will be louder. As a general rule, recurve crossbows will make less noise because they have fewer moving parts.

How Do I Get The Best Accuracy From A Crossbow?

The better the cocking technique, the more accurate the path of the crossbow will be. Usually, the aid takes the form of a rope or strap, although cranks are available and are a good choice for beginners. If possible, choose a crossbow with the cocking aid already built in.  Arrow quality, broadhead design and weight are also critical accuracy factors.

What is the best crossbow scope?

There are four main types of crossbow scopes. These are single crosshair, single dot, multi red dot and multi-reticle. Crossbow scopes are important in improving shot accuracy. A good crossbow scope will allow the shooter to hit targets at a variety of ranges, usually 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards. The reticle style is more a question of user preference vs anything else. One style of reticle isn’t necessarily better or more accurate than the next.

Choosing the best crossbow for the money is easier now that manufacturers have designed so many different models and sizes. The popularity of the crossbow has led to more models being available. The best crossbow brands are competing for customers by designing new features for target and hunting crossbows alike.

Remember to choose a crossbow carefully, based on what you need it for and the conditions in which you will use it. Research your choices and pay attention to what the best crossbow is for the level of hunting you are at. As grow better at using a crossbow, you can always upgrade and buy a model that is more powerful, with better accuracy and with more bells and whistles.

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