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Horton’s New Crossbows Tough To Beat

As a proud owner of an older Horton Vision 175 reverse draw crossbow, I admit I’m a bit of a Horton addict. My first crossbow, the Horton Vision 175 continues to impress with it’s outstanding balance, excellent accuracy and relatively quiet release.

But what has me even more excited are these two new offerings by Horton.

Following up on its successful 2015 launch, Horton Crossbow Innovations responded to customer feedback this year by introducing upgraded crossbow package options for its two-bow lineup, and a new Dedd Sled 50 cocking mechanism.

Horton’s165-pound reverse-draw Storm RDX, winner of the 2015 Outdoor Life and Petersens Hunting Editors Choice Awards, and the 175-pound Legend Ultra Lite, are now available with an upgraded package that features a lighted TenPoint 3x Pro-View 2 Scope.

We have yet to get our greedy paws on either of these new Horton Crossbow models but the word in the woods is that they are top tier packages. The Ten Point Pro-View 2 scope is no slouch, and the fact that it’s lighted makes dusk and dawn hunting a bit easier.

And Horton’s new cocking mechanism appears to make things easier on the back as well.

The new, lightweight Dedd Sled 50 is made from PolyOne OnForce Long Glass Fiber Nylon and reduces the crossbows draw weight by 50 percent.

Stay tuned for a full review of th Storm RDX and the Legend Ultra Lite in the near future.

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