Bear X Torrix FFL Crossbow For Sale

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This crossbow by Bear Archery is a great choice for hunters looking for a compact design that balances like a rifle! Buy a Bear X Torrix FFL if you are shopping for a light-weight and compact hunting crossbow with an adjustable stock and plenty of power to knock down large game animals from 50 yards and more! Price: $89.95 (as of 28/05/2019 07:38 PST- Details)

The FFL (Forward Facing Limbs) on the Bear Torrix FFL crossbow help it balance like a rifle. It’s not nose heavy like many standard format crossbows are. Firing a nose-heave xbow is hard on the arms and can make accurate shot placement a challenge. This is the perfect mix of blazing fast speed and shootability in an affordable revers draw hunting crossbow.

The 355 feet per second shooting speed is perfect for a wide variety of large game animals like deer, elk, moose and more. The reverse limb design is also very compact and easy to move around when in a hunting blind or up in a treestand. At full draw the axle-to-axle distance is just a hair over 13 inches which makes for a real nice and easy xbow to move around with.

You can buy the Bear Torrix FFL crossbow complete with a Picatinny rail which extends from the trigger guard to the front end of the rail. This is super handy for mounting a wide variety of hunting and target shooting accessories.

There is also a sliding stock which can extend or contract almost a full three and a half inches to accomodate different shooter sizes and specific shooting styles. An A-2 style grip is another superb feature as it allows the shooter to hold the xbow in a variety of different positions. It is also very handy when carrying the xbow to the stand or on the way to the hunting blind.

The stock optics are also very high quality and useable in a variety of light conditions. Unlike many brands that skimp on the scope quality, the Bear X Torrix features a scope with superb low light performance which is extremely important when hunting early AM and late afternoon when things can get hard to see. The scope is accurate out to 70 yards, offering plenty of long and short range performance in a reverse draw hunting crossbow.

There’s plenty of stopping power as well with each arrow capable of producing over 115 foot pounds of energy. Buy the Bear X Torrix FFL Crossbow For Sale and get out there this fall and experience crossbow hunting at it’s finest!

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