Best Turkey Vests For Hunting (2021)

Stay organized and ready for action with these top rated turkey hunting vests!

The wait is over! Our much anticipated roundup of the best turkey vests is here, and we’ve got some dandys to share with you!

Let’s face it.

Top Rated Vests For Turkey HuntingNothing’s more annoying than fumbling through jacket pockets or a backpack when you hear a gobbler off in the distance and you can’t remember where you put the slate striker or the range-finder!

This is when having one of the best turkey vests really comes in handy!

Being organized means less fumbling around and less movement. And as you know, staying still is crucial while hunting turkey.

These top-rated turkey vests are all about staying organized and having things ready on a moment’s notice so you can focus on the gobblers!

The best turkey vests will be constructed of a waterproof, low noise material easily adjusted for a perfect fit with several easy to access pockets available for turkey calls, ammunition, rangefinders GPS and other hunting gear.

Some turkey hunting vests are equipped with seat pads to help the hunter stay comfortable while on the move.

Sitting on logs and rocks is so much more comfortable with padding!

Afterall, nothing can ruin a gobbler hunt faster thanAwesome Vests For Turkey Hunting sitting on a log without a seat only to discover it’s soaking wet.

Don’t forget your Depends!

These top rated turkey hunting vests are proven performers that will have you focusing more on your quarry and less on worrying about if your keys fell out of your pocket when you jumped the fence and did a Chuck Norris tuck roll into cover!

Pro Picks: The Best Turkey Vests For Spring & Fall Gobbler Hunting!

ALPS Outdoor Z NWTF Impact Turkey Vest

The Impact Turkey Vest has a Noise Reduction System that combines an advanced Performance Sound Transmission Material (choose from Realtree Xtra or Realtree AP Snow) with fully-integrated HDPE foam panels to keep you as soundless as possible in the woods.

The vest features a padded front chest panel and collar for added warmth, elbow pads for all-day comfort, and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and fit.

The NWTF Impact Turkey Vest is breathable. The NWTF Impact Turkey Vest is constructed with heavy 600D waterproof polyester and IR-rated orange nylon.

It features a removable front pocket with a shoulder strap for a run and gun-style hunts, a large mesh-like pocket on the back for wet gloves or jackets, a built-in GPS/camera pocket, and a big storage pocket on the inside to keep your calls and accessories in reach.

This vest is perfect for anyone looking to hunt turkeys with the NWTF. The durable construction provides a secure fit while the various pockets, shell loops, and game bags enable you to carry your essentials without looking around a bulky pack.

The lightweight mesh in the back enhances cooling, while the adjustable shoulder straps ensure a customized fit. The NWTF Impact Turkey Vest is loaded with features that fit in all of your vest pockets.

The 1-way zippered vest features four storage pockets, an adjustable drawstring waist, a chest pocket for calls, and a high-visibility orange liner. This is one of the best turkey vests for hunters needing a steel frame with added durability.


  • Durable design with a steel frame and armrests
  • Stay soundless in the woods with our noise reduction fabric
  • The seat straps are easy to adjust
  • The removable front pocket has a shoulder strap to run and gun style hunts

Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Vest

The H.S. Strut Turkey Vest by Hunters Specialties is built with the calling-shooting sportsman in mind. It is designed to hold plenty of calls, shells, and accessories that will allow you to move freely while wearing your vest, which also has custom-sized item pockets throughout the front outside flap and shoulder areas.

The patented design includes two carrying handles with a flat bottomed vest that allows you to store it easily in any living quarters or blinds! The H.S. Strut Vest is an industrial-strength turkey vest intended to provide maximum comfort and functionality for your pursuit of the wild turkey.

It provides a large rear access pocket for decoys, a gusseted pouch with an adjustable buckle harness on the chest, and plenty of room for all hunting accessories.

Hunt longer and more comfortably with this lightweight, breathable Turkey Vest from Hunters Specialties. Its Silent Closing system provides a quiet and stealth mode capability. The Water-Resistant Camo pattern and 7000 Series II breathable cloth keeps the weather at bay while delivering the action you crave.

The innovative H.S. Strut turkey vest utilizes proprietary technology for comfort and versatility. The seat/wing and drum/leg portions of the vest are reversible, providing flexibility in different scenarios.

The shoulder straps can be worn forward or reversed, and the sternum strap is adjustable. Besides, the waist straps can be tightened for added security. Made of tough, 300-denier nylon that’s virtually abrasion-resistant.

Full-width coverage from the back of the head to the rear hip and under the tail. Strong, durable nylon mesh in the shoulder and body provides fast-drying, breathable wear, and long-lasting durability. One of the best turkey vests on our list that’s built for crossbow hunters and gun hunters.


  • The H.S. Strut Turkey Vest by Hunters Specialties is built with the calling-shooting sportsman in mind.
  • It is designed to hold plenty of calls, shells, and accessories. It has custom-sized item pockets throughout the front outside flap and shoulder areas.
  • Lightweight, breathable Turkey Vest
  • The seat/wing and drum/leg portions of the vest are reversible
  • The shoulder straps can be worn forward or reversed, and the sternum strap is adjustable. Also, the waist straps can be tightened for added security.
  • Made of tough, 300-denier nylon that’s virtually abrasion-resistant.

ALPS OutdoorZ Long Spur Deluxe Hunting Vest

This rugged NWTF Long Spur Hunting Vest ensures your cargo is always in reach. Equipped with 5 cargo pockets, including a double pistol pouch pocket on the right arm and customized interior pockets for knives, calls, and shells, this vest is designed to keep you organized during long days in the field.

Featuring a removable dual bow holder and heavy-duty nylon material, this versatile hunting vest is sure to last as you navigate through your next outdoor adventure.

The NWTF Long Spur long hunting vest provides maximum storage capacity for all your hunting gear and is loaded with features. The bag has four zippered compartments with removable dividers, two mesh pockets, and five additional compartments for carry-on convenience. One of the best turkey vests for overall storage.

A removable lumbar pack allows you to run-and-gun your next buck without carrying a full vest. This durable ALPS hunting accessories vest will keep you organized and ready for action on your next big hunt.

This vest features a padded gun holster on the shoulder harness that is easily removable and has a 40° – 70° F temperature rating. The 2 chest pockets are also removable and have insulated zippers to store food or drink items.

This vest is available in your choice of color and comes with lengths ranging from short, medium, and long to give you a custom fit. The long-spur vest is built for the serious turkey hunter.

Fully equipped with five shell loops, a protective and silent box call pocket, two slate call pockets, and two mesh mouth call pockets, this vest offers all the versatility you could want.

Large game bags let you take more turkeys home to the fryer, while the locator call pocket keeps your go-to call close at hand. With a cool, lightweight mesh vest, it doesn’t matter how hot you run.

Made from tough polyester with a screen-print Mossy Oak pattern, this NWTF long spur hunting vest will protect you from mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests as you spend hours on stand.

Its contoured fit protects your back from sweat and U.V. rays, and the lumbar pack is perfect for carrying binoculars or other gear.

Although it offers many features for staying comfortable while hunting or fishing, its most impressive feature is its ability to take a beating – just like you do.


  • 2 for 1 deal as harness and backpack
  • Adjustable, protective, and silent box call pockets
  • Shoulders and chest harnesses are easily removable

Primos Rocker Vest, Mossy Oak New Obsession, Medium/Large

The Primos Rocker Vest features a main gigantic game pouch in the back that can hold four large birds or big trophies.

It has large front pockets and two interior pockets for extra storage that is great for storing snacks, gloves, and misc.

To make it easy to retrieve calls from the pouch, there are two stretchable call retaining straps that hold your calls in place and keeps them from rattling around. There is also one exterior pocket on either side that has a zippered mesh incursion for extra ventilation and accessory storage.

Our Rocker vests are comfortable and rugged, with features you’d expect from the best camo hunting apparel. The front pouch’s back is padded for gun butt protection and angled to allow easy access while sitting or straddling an ATV.

An exterior magazine pocket on either side offers storage for small items such as calls, flags, drink mix, etc. The front chest pocket holds your camera, GPS, walkie-talkie, or other important gear. Mesh pockets on each side keep drinks where you can reach them quickly and easily.


  • Waterproof cell phone pocket
  • Comfortable padding in back and shoulder straps
  • Protects your hearing and keeps the wind from messing up your calls

Scent Blocker Thunder Chicken Turkey Vest – M/L

The Thunder Chicken Scent Control Vest is a 100% polyester, washable and breathable garment that will help control your scent as well as conceal you while stalking the woods.

This patterned camo vest features a front Velcro/neck button access system that allows quick removal.

The Thunder Chicken vest features our patent-pending No-Spook technology that keeps your gobblers from spooking when you get within bow range.

Gobblers don’t stand a chance when you’re wearing the Thunder Chicken Vest by Scents Blocker This high-quality, made in the USA hunting vest features 18 oz. of 100% cotton mossy oak camo fabric treated with Activ-dry to maintain waterproofing and odor sealing performance. A best turkey vests all-around great choice!

Triple stitched seams ensure contoured fit, while the adjustable cinch cord at the waistline guarantees perfect comfort. Features include two lower exterior zip pockets with easy access and a small interior pocket.


  • 80% Polyester 20% Cotton
  • Lightweight, slim fit
  • Handwarmer pockets
  • Two-tone camouflage print fabric

Primos Gobbler Turkey Vest

Primos has listened carefully to what turkey hunters want most, and as usual, they have delivered another great product. The new Gobbler Vest has a spring-steel structure that molds itself to your body when walking or climbing.

The interior is built for comfort with 3D mesh fabric backed by Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated fabric. Specially padded Tree-Hide shoulder pads part of the design to reduce felt recoil from heavy loads. The PTFE makes this one of the best turkey vests for weather protection.

Two unzippered high-capacity pockets give you quick access to shells and gear. The Primos Gobbler Turkey Vest is a complete turkey hunting kit.

Over 25 pockets are sized to fit your calls, accessories, and shells. Bigger, neoprene-padded pockets hold your calls close at hand for immediate grab-and-go action. A padded vest keeps it comfortable all day long.

Organize yourself with the Gobbler Turkey Vest and bring home that bird this season. The Gobbler Vest conveniently secures calls and accessories to your chest, allowing you quick access to them with one arm free.

This vest is made of lightweight mesh with padded shoulders, and ergonomic d3o pads on the elbows provide additional protection.

Features include a loadout pocket that fits two boxes of shotgun shells, shell loops on both sides with a release buckle, and includes adjustable shoulder straps for a secure custom fit.

The Gobbler Vest also comes with a shell/accessory organizer with molded foam and six slots to organize strikers, shells, and call conditioners.

The Gobbler vest has three quick-grab pockets for your rain gear or gloves. It features two pockets with clip-in dividers to store your calls or turkey clippers, as well as a front pouch for shotshells and your spurs.

The vest’s back is padded, so you can wear with or without your backpack, and it features an elastic shock cord for storage.

Designed to fit over most vests or coats, the Primos Gobbler Vest with cushion provides comfortable downtime between spring turkey hunts. Two large zippered pockets give you quick access to food and gear.


  • Reduces the felt recoil produced by heavy turkey loads
  • Keeps you organized with quick grab pockets for gloves, masks, clippers, and other accessories
  • Molded foam striker organizer secures strikers

SCENT BLOCKER Torched Turkey Vest

The Torched Turkey Vest is a true scent annihilation system, infused with patented ScentBan® technology to provide ultimate turkey hunting performance.

Made with a lightweight, breathable material, the vest provides incredible warmth without added bulk. The vest features adjustable hook and loop closures for the perfect fit over your existing fall turkey gear and has 6 exterior pockets for camouflage, calls, decoys, and other accessories.

Designed to stand up to the rugged demands of your hunting season, this vest is constructed of durable cotton/polyester ripstop fabric paired with breathable mesh for durability and comfort.

The Torched Turkey Vest features 7 pockets, including two zippered front pockets, a 6-button, high-cuff fishing vest, and an adjustable shoulder belt for a customized fit. It will help you keep warm and close in all your game while wearing it.

This ScentBlocker”s Torched Turkey Vest is designed to give you the freedom of movement and warmth you need while out in the wild. Conceal your best camo with the all-new Torched Turkey Vest.

The super-tough poly-blend construction uses flame retardant foam for exceptional heat protection and strategic venting. The Torched Turkey vest includes many features that are designed to wear well in the field. Torch a turkey or two with one of the best turkey vests by Scent Blocker!

Features include a generously sized neck gator to fit over your mouth and nose, drawstring waist belt for an added custom fit, adjustable buckles for front opening, easy access snap close pocket for keys or calls behind the shoulder, and adjustable drawstring cuffs.

Inspired by the timeless design of the vest, the Torched turkey vest features all-season protection and comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and Realtree Xtra camouflage patterns. Tons of utility pockets from top to bottom offer plenty of space and easy access for everything you might need.

This lightweight vest is constructed from rugged polyester fabric that resists tears and abrasion, so you can spend the day beating in fields, not repairing a tear.

The Blaze Vest keeps you visible in low light and repels animals. 4 high-visibility blaze safety flags provide 360-degree protection, while Active Carbon Technology helps prevent animal attraction.

Best Turkey Vest Features:

  • Adjustable buckles for front opening
  • Several pockets designed for the turkey hunter
  • Blaze safety flag
  • Durable cotton/polyester ripstop fabric paired with breathable mesh for durability and comfort

TENZING Turkey Hunting Vest with Spring-Loaded Leg System

Tenzing hunting vests feature a patented spring-loaded leg system that allows you to convert your turkey vest to a chair with the push of a button—perfect when you need to prepare for the shot or have a quick snack.

Handwarmer pockets allow you to keep your hands warm and dry while in your stand. The Tenzing turkey vest also features two padded shooting rests, four large pockets for extra storage, and a little brother that is perfect for dog hunters and shorter statured hunters.

From the opening day of turkey season to the very end, Tenzing’s TV18 Vest has you covered. The convertible design combines a sturdy pack harness and a lightweight, breathable vest for maximum comfort during those intense spring days.

Once the action slows down, simply remove the pack harness and haul in your tom with ease using the molded-in seat pad on the back portion of the vest. Near-impenetrably rugged construction consists of 1,000 deniers, abrasion-resistant Cordura® nylon over dense closed-cell foam padding for longevity under harsh conditions.

The Tenzing Vest and Chair System is a turkey hunting vest that provides you with a comfortable, lightweight alternative to sitting on the ground. The two-piece system converts from a vest to a chair and has a spring-loaded leg system that allows you to be up off the ground.

The Tenzing hunting vest features a zippered fly front to make it easy for going to the bathroom, deep storage pockets, hand-warming pockets, shoulder straps that adjust easily with included elastic cord, and lightweight, high-performance air mesh back panels.

Lightweight and constructed of rugged nylon, you can take the Tenzing Turkey Vest hunting or on a long, three-day river float. It’s super versatile for a variety of outdoor activities!

It’s designed for comfort and convenience with a dual-layer fold flat padded seat that keeps you comfortable during long sits, plus a turkey vest with an ultra-large pocket and active camo.

Plus, it converts to a hunting chair or stool with the push of a button. Its rugged design ensures optimal functionality in various terrains and weather conditions.

The vest features 12 pockets for holding calls and accessories, 5 pockets for holding your turkey gear and 5 hand-warming pockets to keep your hands warm and protected from the elements.


  • A new spring-activated leg system allows you to seamlessly turn your turkey vest into a high-back chair
  • Available in different sizes to fit children and adults
  • Keep hands warm and dry while in your stand
  • Large pockets for additional storage

Ol’ Tom Men’s Time & Motion Easy Rider Vest

Need a new vest that can withstand the rigors of serious turkey hunting? Check out the Owyhee vest from Ol’ Tom. A great-looking, rugged, durable work vest with reinforced seams and double layers at critical points.

Because it is a relaxed fit, you won’t feel like you are in a dance scene with John Travolta. And to keep the sun off of your neck, there is a zip-out, removable collar.

Ol’ Tom’s new Time & Motion Easy Rider Vest features a traditional hunting pattern designed for the upland game hunter. Consisting of two front pockets with full-length zippers, side panel-loading, and saddle pockets also with zippers.

The insulated hooded collar holds a removable buck stalker peak that can be used to rest your binoculars.

Fully lined in hand-selected 100% cotton twill gives all the comfort you need in a 3 oz per square yard fabric. The Easy Rider Vest has a comfortable western-style and rugged durability and performance of Magnattach magnetic attachments.

Wear it alone for warmth or layer it under a jacket in cold conditions. Its concealed carry pockets are fully zippered and lined with Velcro. They allow quick access to equipment yet keep it secure.

The vest’s warm quilted liner comes from Polartec insulation with a thick fleece collar and cuffs that seal cold, wind, and blowing snow. This Vest is the ultimate motorcycle companion and also one of the best turkey vests for sealing the deal on a big gobbler this spring!

It features a Callbox and 1 zippered pouch to hold your car keys, as well as a mini, LED for when you arrive.

Experience the thrill of calling in that trophy longbeard with the Time and Motion Call vest. This popular vest is now offered in two new camo patterns for even more nighttime hunting opportunities.

And, it’s loaded with features designed to help you focus on the moment and to keep you comfortable all season.


  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Mid-weight, breathable, weather-resistant
  • Rugged with reinforced seams and double layers at critical points

Best Youth Turkey Vest: Lucky Bums Turkey Hunting Vest

The Lucky Bums vest has many features that make your job easier. The vest “pops” open to expose a hidden storage compartment perfect for holding all-day inserts or other grooming items.

This vest is lined in fleece, making it more comfortable and easy to clean. It also features drain holes in the shoulders to allow water to escape during washing, keeping the dirt out of the vest’s seams.

The Youth Turkey Vest is 100% polyester fabric that keeps them cozy, but the blaze orange material ensures they will be seen by other hunters. Features a wide, fully adjustable Velcro closure and has reflective piping for lighter visibility.

A shirt-sized padded fold-down seat offers comfort from the hard ground—two storage pouches with silent magnetic closure for pens, pencils, and other study or hunting tools. An adjustable neck strap helps minimize lost clothing during outdoor exercises.

Dual mesh pockets on the vest’s front and back allow easy and accessible access to water bottles—multiple interior pockets for holding maps, books, and paper without restricting movement during exercise. Beginners looking for the best turkey vests that don’t feel huge when out in the field will love the fit of this youth turkey vest.

The Lucky Bums Turkey Vest is the ultimate vest for a day in the woods! Our Turkey Vest is made using the highest quality materials and solid hardware.

Designed to be used for years to come, this vest offers a heritage look that will never go out of style. The Lucky Bums Turkey Vest is fully functional and incredibly durable. It is the ideal size for youngsters and features a padded back to carry their gear without it being too heavy.

The vest also features elasticized slate call sleeve along with 2 large zippered pockets and several accessory pouches to store all your hunting supplies.

The rear pocket flaps can be left off so you can put your favorite graphics on them or keep the flaps to conceal your decoys.

This vest is super convenient and comfortable for those long days afield. With an adjustable padded shoulder strap, sternum strap, and foam padded waist belt, the Lucky Bums Youth Turkey Vest offers comfort and support while out in the turkey woods.

This vest is also loaded with features: six magazine pouches for shells or anything else you want to keep handy, an elastic pouch on each side for storing calls or other tools like your mouth call, a reversible orange vest for easy visibility in the field, two large mesh side pockets and a rear carrying handle.

Despite all this, it is lightweight thanks to its highly breathable mesh fabric and reinforced stitching. Featuring the patented seat designed for sitting comfortably on the ground, sure-grip hand vest holders for steady lifting, plus back storage pouches that can hold gloves or other essentials.

Features Of The Best Youth Turkey Vest:

  • Fleece lining for easy cleaning and comfort
  • Hidden storage pocket perfect for day inserts or grooming items
  • Storage for pens, pencils, and other study or hunting tools
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Dual mesh pockets on the front and back of the vest
  • Multiple interior pockets for holding maps, books, and paper without restricting movement

Knight & Hale KHT0065 Run N’ Gun 200-Turkey Vest

Tear up the turkey woods this spring and fall with this best quality turkey vest from Knight & Hale.

The Run N’ Gun features a unique multiple-point adjustment design that can be suited for hunters of all ages and body sizes.

The middle of the vest can be cinched tightly to prevent twigs and limbs from snagging the vest material when one is runnin’ and gunnin’ through the thick cover to get a shot at that big gobbler.

Weighing under 2 pounds, this is one of the lightest turkey hunting vests money can buy. No more sore back and neck from wearing a heavy turkey vest that weighs you down!

A uniquely designed seat has 6 layers of cushion material and is always at the ready for fast and easy sitting without even having to use your hands to position the seat. When you’re on the move you can quickly cinch the seat into GO MODE for stalking and brush busting!


  • Super adjustable design makes this an excellent turkey vest for hunters of all ages, shapes, and sizes.
  • Easy-Cinch middle section prevents snagging on the brush.
  • Super lightweight material won’t weigh you down when you’re in stalker mode!
  • 6 layer cushioned seats are always at the ready when it’s time to take a break or perch on a log to do some calling!

The Best Turkey Vests Will Have You Hunting In Beast Mode!

As you know, there’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re out chasing gobblers.

They can respond to your calls one minute, then hang up and act as if you aren’t even there. You may need to sneak over a ridge for a shot or scamper down a field edge to position yourself in the brush.

It’s running and gunning at its finest and having all your gear stored neatly in pockets at the ready is a real plus!

The Best Turkey Vests Don’t Have To Break The Bank

You don’t need to spend a king’s ransom on the best turkey vest money can buy, just get one that fits your budget.

Excellent Turkey Vest RatingsEven a turkey hunting vest with a basic design will do the trick.

Anything beats fumbling through your jacket and pants pockets looking for another call or trying to remember where you put the striker!

Being organized with all your gear tucked away in a turkey vest means you’ll be able to react to the conditions faster and hunt smarter! Now vest up and get out chasing gobblers!


Written by Shane O'Neill

With over 15 years of bowhunting and crossbow hunting experience, Shane is always ready to climb a tree during whitetail season or stalk the crop edges for spring turkey. Shane is old school and often prefers to hunt with a recurve crossbow.

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