Best Electronic Turkey Calls For Gobbler Hunting

With gobbler season fast approaching its time to round-up our reviews of the best electronic turkey calls to help you fill your tag this season. Before you buy electronic turkey calls for hunting, it’s a good idea to check your state’s turkey hunting regulations.

Unlike mouth, slate, and box calls which are legal to turkey hunt with in all states, electronic gobbler calls are not legal everywhere.

Where is head-quartered in WI, for example. And the Wisconsin DNR (Department of Natural Resources) lists electronic turkey calls as illegal. Electronic deer calls are also illegal to use.

But if you’re in a state that allows it, then why not go for it and buy one of these best rated electronic turkey calls to up your odds this season!

Reviews Of The Best Electronic Turkey Calls

Maestro Game Calls 25 Electronic Turkey Call

Enjoy hours of calling fun with the Maestro Game Calls 25 Electronic Turkey Call out. The E-caller Maestro Game Calls is designed to give the user easy access to a wide array of critical calls for successful turkey hunts.

This electronic call features 25 preload calls that help bring in the birds and comes equipped with pivoting legs. Quickly choose your sound using the four-way keypad selection/volume control, then adjust the volume. It has a built-in varying intensity speaker and an auxiliary jack for external speakers or headphones!

You can use the trigger button to sound off randomly timed calls or hold it down to sound off a full length pre-recorded call. The LCD screen readout has a backlight for nighttime use and includes random repeat timed options and sound activation trigger button. Its durable outer shell houses powerful speakers that can project calls up to 500 yards. The pivoting legs have a lock-in position, and the hand lanyard gives you complete freedom of movement no matter where you’re hunting—powered by four AAA batteries (not included).

Cass Creek Ergo Turkey Call, CC969, Handheld Electronic Game Call

The Cass Creek ERGO Technology Turkey Call takes the hassle out of your hunt and will help you focus on that game. The CC969 Ergo Turkey Call is one of the easiest to use, and most authentic sounding game calls on the market today. So bring sounding like a turkey expert to your hunting season. This call is pocket-sized, simple, and easy to carry during your hunt.

The ergonomic design fits your hand, audio control is at your fingertips, and silent operation allows you to bring the game in close with no harsh noise to send them running. The EZ thumb dial allows for on/off sound adjustment and instant interruptions that stop the call while using it.

The Ergo Turkey Call combines authentic animal recordings with digital sound quality, making it easy to take anywhere. The simple design concentrates on projecting sound to get the attention of animals nearby. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and packs anywhere you need it – Put it in the glove compartment or clip it to your jacket for easy access while you hunt. It includes an adjustable thumb dial that allows on/off and sound adjustment.

All five digitally recorded essential calls are easily adjusted with the thumb dial located on top of the call. Ergo Turkey Call is easy to use and produces realistic sounds for your hunting experience. This compact call has authentic cluck, yelp, assembly, kee-kee and purr calls. So whether you’re hunting wild turkey or blackbirds and any other creatures in between, Cass Creek’s Ergo Wild Turkey Call gives you the right calls.

HME Products Electronic Turkey Call- Six Shooter

The HME Products Hand Held Electronic Turkey Call is the perfect hunting companion. This turkey call is excellent for sounding like a real turkey with authentic calls. Its compact design is ideal for the mobile hunter, as it easily fits in a backpack or pocket, with no batteries included.

The HME Tone Selector makes it easy to change tones and volume on the fly. The E-Caller allows you to simulate the sounds of wild turkeys accurately. Precision engineered with six preloaded turkey calls: cluck/purr, mating yelps, cutting a hen, tree call, old hen yelp, and gobble, you are ready for any situation you may come across out in the field.

The sounds that come through Built-in speakers are thunderous and realistic with the touch of a button. Load four AAA batteries and you are ready to call in any turkey within earshot! Turkey Call is easy to use, compact, and dependable. Allows you to customize your sounds for real-life impact.

iHunt Ultimate Game Call & Bluetooth Speaker Combo

If you’re looking for an advanced game call system this season, look no further. The iHunt Ultimate Electronic Game Caller and Bluetooth Speaker Combo deliver more for less money to spend more on the hunt and less on your equipment.

This Electronic Game Call is perfect for the expert or beginners. The iHunt Bluetooth Game Call Speaker is mobile, compact and easy to use. Quickly set up sequences to play your playlist of sounds with just the push of the button while out in the field. It delivers high-quality animal sounds for anyone interested in wildlife.

They sound so much like the real thing that you’re sure to attract attention. The iHunt Ultimate Speaker includes 59 species of animals and 750 individual calls at the tip of your finger. Download the free app, turn on your speaker, connect it with your phone via Bluetooth within 50 yards, set a playlist, and start hunting! You’ll have a wide range of calls to choose from at your fingertips, from Predator Hunting and Small Game to Waterfowl and Big Game Calls.

Search for specific animals by name, viewable thumbnail photos or browse through categories. iHunt Ultimate app offers 750 calls and useful features such as Solunar Times, Activity Log, GPS locator and weather forecasts. In addition, the unique playlist features let you set up your sequence before going to the field. The iHunt Ultimate Electronic Game Call is Camouflaged and weather-resistant; this portable, 115-decibel speaker offers a robust, crisp audio experience.

Western Rivers Calls Mantis 75R Compact Handheld Electronic Game Call

Bring the game to you with this electronic caller by Western Rivers Mantis 75R Compact Handheld Electronic Game Call. This Electronic Game Call is small enough for any bag or backpack and emits several high-quality animal calls to bring the game right to you.

This versatile, slim, and lightweight design makes the Mantis 75 ideal for spot or box calls. The Game Call features a built-in 75 call library with sounds for all types of animals.

The Game Call also features automatic shut off and random repeats to trick wary animals. In addition, it makes use of trigger sounds and automatically switches between calls to add life-like appeal.

This highly portable unit produces the same output and clarity as many larger units yet is smaller, lighter, easier to transport and more durable. With a small range of 300′, it’s just as effective at long distances.

The 4-way keypad call selection has volume control and LCD readout with backlight. The backlit LCD allows for a two-line message window for caller ID.

Features include Pivoting legs that lock into position and rubberized leg surfaces for the ultimate in positioning options, random repeat option that provide a more realistic sound presentation, and trigger sound activation button. The hunting call is powered by AAA x 4 batteries (not included).

Wildgame Innovations Flex 50 Electronic Game Call

The FLX50 electronic game caller is the ideal tool for predator hunters. This call is small and compact, with features that will increase your success during any calling situation. The FLX50 is a point-and-shoot style game call.

It’s easy to use, even in the field and comes preloaded with 40 specially selected calls. Ergonomically designed for easy gripping, this call will make any hunter more successful during their hunt. With the ability to play two calls at once, this caller can create realistic scenarios during your next hunt.

Suitable for hunting all types of predators and can trigger or play these calls randomly. With easy button access, you can play multiple sounds simultaneously. To start, press once on the power button, and it will default to the first call on our library of quality calls.

If you want to change the call playing, press the up/down arrows or hold them down to quickly scroll through. Then, press and hold it at any time during the call to stop playback immediately.

It is easily operated with one hand and has a range of over 100 yards. The FLX50 electronic game caller has a water-resistant design for safety in the rain. The Slim Speaker creates a clean, clear sound, while the small size allows easy placement and use.

iHunt Long Distance Bluetooth Game Call Speaker

Freedom from the Ordinary! Introducing the iHunt Phantom Link 150. This speaker adds a new dimension to traditional game calling by providing limitless possibilities.

Designed with a super long-range Bluetooth connection, this speaker connects directly to the free iHunt Mobile App to access over 750 calls from 50 different species of animals. Enhance your experience with new sounds and predesigned playlists, or design your own with our multi-caller mode that gives you instant access to as many sounds as you like.

The iHunt Game Call Speaker comes equipped with a timer for each call sequence, and noise volume controls for individual calls. The user can also play music through the speaker or connect multiple speakers in a daisy chain for more diverse sounds.

The phantom link 150 is next generation game call, and it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music and easily connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone or tablet. It’s the perfect way for hunters to communicate with animals without being in the same area.

In addition, the long-range Bluetooth connection allows users to connect to another device beyond 150 yards away for even more versatility. The iHunt 150 provides an immersive and realistic hunting experience, and you will be amazed by the sound quality and clarity.

The Game Call speaker’s long battery life allows for all-day trips and 10 hours of continuous play at maximum volume. Its durable design makes this virtually water and weatherproof. The 150 is the perfect speaker for parties, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Advantages of using High-Quality Electric Turkey Calls

  • Ease of use: Electronic turkey calls are a great choice for noobs and inexperienced turkey hunters. Realistic gobbles, clucks, and purrs at the press of a button.
  • Control: Call volume can be crucial on windy days or when the gobblers are closing in. Electronic call volume is easily adjusted for a wide variety of circumstances.
  • Realism: Most battery-operated turkey calls feature recordings of real turkeys in the wild. It doesn’t get any more realistic than that!

Disadvantages Of Using Electronic Turkey Calls

  • Speaker quality: Cheap units can feature poor quality speakers that produce static and distortion at loud volumes.
  • Power: As is the case with anything electronic, a power source is needed. Some of the rechargeable models use lithium batteries and lithium batteries can drain quickly in cold weather.

Where legal, electronic turkey calls can be a great tool to use in your turkey calling arsenal.
While the best electric turkey calls can be used effectively at loud and soft volumes, cheaper, less expensive models can distort at high volumes and actually do more harm than good at max volume.

Rather than relying entirely on an electronic turkey call, it’s best to bring slate calls, mouth calls and box calls along for the hunt as well. When it comes to calling gobblers, call variety can be the spice of life.

Having a full selection of calls at your disposal is always a wise move when turkey hunting, and electronic turkey calls can work well under the right circumstances.
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