How To Shoot A Deer With A Bow

Tips For Deer Bow Hunters!

Whether you are hunting whitetail deer or any other type of game, it is important to know where to shoot a deer with a bow. A hunter has many choices when it comes to where to aim. He can shoot, where the game inhabits, where the cover is thick, or where he will stand and hope for a miracle. While some hunters prefer one over the other, most use a mixture of all three.

where to shoot a deer with a bow

Choosing the right place to aim a bow a deer with a bow is not easy. You have to look at everything from weather conditions, the layout of the hunting area, to where the food and water sources are. To help you decide where to aim, here are some ideas. These are some general guidelines that may help you find the best place to kill that deer.

The most popular place to hunt deer is where they are in the habit. This means that the animal is in a place where it is likely to see people or animals. Some examples would be behind trees, in thickets, swamps, etc. Although this is where to aim, it does not mean you need to get extremely close to the animal to get a good shot. Remember, some expert hunters are able to kill a deer in half a yard of distance.

Another commonplace to hunt deer with a bow is where the land borders a body of water. This is especially popular in the southern states where creeks and rivers tend to cut through the forest.

This can usually be done by a person who has been training for several years. If it is not possible to hire someone, there are plenty of guides and books on the market that can teach you how to properly aim at a target and hold the bow while shooting.

In order to get a clean shot, it is important to know how to hold the bow. The typical way to hold a bow is with two fingers in each cocked at the right angles, pointing down the middle of the bow.

This is the standard stance, but some archers prefer to change it up by using different positions while shooting. Some people who want to know how to shoot a deer with a bow do very well when they practice this way, so it may not be necessary to hold the bow in this particular way while shooting.

Most bowhunters will practice shooting at different targets until they are confident that they can shoot the bow from any distance. Once they feel that they have done well, they will be able to try it out on an animal. They will need to take special note of the animal’s habits and movements in order to be able to aim the crossbow in the right direction.


Another common question about how to kill a deer with a bow involves getting off a shot. It is common for novice hunters to blast away at their prey without worrying about hitting it in the vitals. However, a headshot will make it more likely that the animal will run away. Therefore, it is important to learn how to kill a deer with a headshot so that you do not scare the animal away or cause it to lose its life because you did not shoot it in the head.

Written by Shane O'Neill

With over 15 years of bowhunting and crossbow hunting experience, Shane is always ready to climb a tree during whitetail season or stalk the crop edges for spring turkey. Shane is old school and often prefers to hunt with a recurve crossbow.

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