Best Rated Camo Hunting Face Masks

Reviews Of Camoflage Face Masks For Deer & Turkey Hunting

Let’s face it. You’re really ugly and you have horrible breath! According to deer and turkey, that is!

A good camoflauge hunting face mask can provide several benefits for crossbow hunters:

  • – They hide your face and help you blend into the surroundings;
  • – They can mask your breath and help control scent;
  • – They can keep your face warmer in cold weather;

With this being said, hunters need to realize that not all camouflage face masks are created equal.

We’ve tested various camo hunting face masks during numerous crossbow and rifle hunts for deer and turkey over the last 3 years.

Some things to consider when choosing a camouflage face mask for hunting:

  • Material: Don’t go with a heavy insulated hunting face mask when hunting in warm weather. You’ll sweat and stink like a pig!
  • Pattern: Match the camo pattern of the face mask to the surroundings or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Wearability: Some cheap camouflage face masks are poorly designed and will slide down your face. Very annoying!

Learn from our mistakes? Yes you can! Here’s a list of the best camouflage hunting face masks that we’ve tested while deer and turkey hunting. We’ve weeded out the duds so you can pick from the top-rated performers:

North Mountain Gear Hunting Camouflage Leafy Hat

Unwanted attention in the woods is the last thing a hunter wants. So why not wear a hunting face mask to conceal your identity? The North Mountain Gear Hunting Camouflage 3D Leafy Hat with attached camo mask will give you both the camo on your head and the cover over your face, giving you complete cover woodland disguise.

The North Mountain Camouflage face mask hat is lightweight and breathable to prevent excessive sweating while providing a fun and excellent way to add to your hunting garb.

The North Mountain Gear Hunting hat features a 3D leaf camo design of hand-sewn leaves on the hat so it won’t fall apart like actual face paint and protects from the sun and mildly cold weather.

It has an adjustable velcro strap and open eyehole openings to place your eyes through while wearing it, which is perfect for people wearing glasses.

So simple yet so effective. Just take your hat off and shake out the face mask. When your hunt is over, stuff the leaf material back in the cap, and it’s ready for your next hunt.

This all-in-one leafy camo hat and face mask are flexible, comfortable, and affordable! It’s like having two products in one. Ideal for hunting, outdoor sports or whenever you need some extra coverage, this face mask can help keep you undetected when you need to make a quick move.

This hunting hat is fully adjustable, and one size fits all. Whether you’re out in the field or mounting your camo face paint, this low-profile concealment mask will help keep you fully covered up and is perfect for any hunter.

wtactful Cool & Breathable Camo Face mask

Stay warm or cool and look stylish when enjoying the snowy weather or hunting in summer! wtactful balaclava is an innovation in terms of design and materials.

wtactful Cool & Breathable Camo Face mask is made from a high quality 100% Lycra polyester with high elasticity.

Digital heat transfer technology creates an image on the products that will not crack or fade. The comfortable and lightweight Camo Face mask has a very soft and wrinkle-free fabric.

This camo hat is moisture-wicking, quick-drying and machine washable. Our digital camo face mask will help you maintain your temperature in cold conditions or protect you from wind and dust when shooting.

The face mask can shield from sunlight and UV rays the protection from mosquitoes biting. When you are in the forest, it can effectively isolate heat for you and prevent you from being bitten.

When you go hunting, camouflage patterns provide you with better concealment, so far as possible, to avoid animals seeing you.

Weather Wear it under your helmet during winter or wear the mask itself during warmer weather; it’ll cool you off, regardless of the season.

This hunting face mask also makes a great neck gaiter or balaclava. You can quickly wear it as one or two pieces.

One size fits all and is ideal for both men and women, or wear it as a closed or open balaclava. The hunting face mask can be used as a neck warmer, ski mask or full face mask.

It’s suitable for winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding. Also, it’s ideal for motorcycling, running, cycling, trekking, fishing, hunting, hiking and other outdoor sports.

HOT SHOT Men’s Grouse Stretch Polyester Convertible Balaclava

The HOT SHOT Men’s Grouse Stretch Polyester Convertible Balaclava is an excellent addition to your collection of hunting gear.

This balaclava is great for any hunter or outdoorsman looking for extra protection from the elements. Hot Shot facemask is built to keep the early season hunter warm on cool fall days.

Its Thermal Shield fabric and Hot Shot Heat Factor 1 insulation keep you warm on cool days when you’re sitting still outdoors or on an early morning hunt. HOT SHOT is a lightweight, breathable, and completely waterproof balaclava that blocks the wind and makes you sweat less.

The thermal polyester outer fabric features Odor-X technology to fight odour and wick away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable.

Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, this face mask is constructed to be durable. It will protect the hunter’s face from the cold while allowing the whole head, neck, and upper body movement.

The hood is unattached at the sides to fit comfortably, with multiple ways to wear it, including backward over the head or under your helmet to keep you warm on cool days.

In addition, the face mask features Realtree Edge® Tree Camouflage for extra concealment in changing environments.

Finally, it has a unisex design with one size fits all. This balaclava is ideal for hunting, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, running, and many other activities!


QuikCamo-Bottomland Mossy Oak Camo Face Mask Hunting Hats

Use the ultimate QuikCamo-Bottomland Camo Face Mask Hunting Hats when you need a Camo face mask! Our camo face mask is the perfect option for the turkey hunter who needs a lightweight and portable alternative to traditional bulky hunting face coverings.

Whether you are turkey hunting, deer hunting, birdwatching, wildlife photography, or need a camo face cover, 3D Mossy Oak Camo has covered you.

Just pull it down and tuck it away when you don’t need it. No more fumbling in the wilderness or worrying about sunburns on cold days; pull the string tight, and your hat goes to work.

The one size fits most camo face mask hats conveniently fits adults, youths and even some with fitted hat sizes as small as 8.

Additionally, with no disturbing fog mesh, an exposed mesh bottom allows you to breathe easier on warm days or during high action moments on the field or marsh hunting Turks.

You’ll be able to hunt longer and better with our breathable and durable netting. Officially licensed Mossy Oak Leafy Camouflage combined with double side print leaves that act like natural camouflage.

Our 3D camo clothing is realistic and practical, especially during autumn leaf changes when turkey hunters are commonly in pursuit of gobbler lunch! It fits standard hunting equipment like binoculars, guns and cameras as well.

The versatile crescent-shaped wire brim configuration lets you flip up the front, back or sides for options that fit your activity.

QuikCamo-Realtree Edge Camo Face Mask Hunting Hats

The Realtree Edge Camo Face Mask – 3D Mossy Oak is your best buddy when you need a lightweight and pocket-sized alternative to traditional bulky face coverings.

It’s the perfect option for a turkey hunter who needs a lightweight and portable alternative to conventional bulky hunting face coverings.

Just pull it down and tuck it away when you don’t need it—in an instant, it’s a simple-to-use face cover that keeps you protected from the elements. It’s lightweight, portable, and one size fits most camo face mask hats.

No more fumbling in the wilderness or worrying about sunburns on cold days; pull the string tight, and your hat goes to work.

This lightweight and portable alternative will become your favourite hunting accessory. This hunting facemask gives you the ability to breathe more easily while still keeping you camouflaged.

It’s officially licensed Mossy Oak Leafy Camouflage, and its double side print is like natural camouflage, especially during the autumn leaf changes. It fits your equipment, even binoculars, guns, and cameras.

The versatile crescent-shaped wire brim flips up for options that fit your activity.

Whether you’re turkey hunting, deer hunting, birdwatching, wildlife photography, or want to work outside in warmer weather, this camo face mask will keep your face covered while still giving you plenty of flexibility.

SHAWINGO Camouflage Leafy Hat 3D Full Face Mask

Hunt in style with our SHAWINGO Camouflage 3D Leafy Full Face Mask. The Camo Cap gives you a quick fix for remaining unseen in various hunting scenarios. Its lightweight, breathable, and quick dry materials make it the perfect hunting face mask to wear day or night.

SHAWINGO Camo hat features a breathable micro-mesh design that lets air flow freely and a full-size breathing hole near the top of the face cover.

The breathability offered here prevents fogging on glasses. It allows plenty of ventilation against any heat suffered by wearing heavy body armour or a backpack while performing any outdoor activities during high temperatures and humidity levels.

It’s ideal for ground hunters and ghillie suit wearers. Suitable for almost all heads, one size fits most men and women.

This full-featured hunting mask was designed by hunters for everybody. It breaks up the outline of your face without impairing your hearing or blocking your sight. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

SHAWINGO camo facemask protects you from UV damage, insects/mosquitoes, heat and cold.

The hook and loop closure allows for a perfectly secure fit on your head while hiking, hunting, or doing anything else outdoors.

Moving freely without worrying about your camo face mask falling off gives you ultimate comfort, whether holding a rifle in the deer stand or climbing logs.

3D Leafy camo face mask is perfect for deer hunting, turkey hunting, bow hunting, gun hunting, hiking, etc. An absolute must-have in the woods this fall.

SPIKA Camo Balaclava Hunting Hood Headwear

Keep your head and neck concealed for an active hunt with this warm SPIKA Camo Balaclava. The hunting mask is a high-performance reversible balaclava, a must-have item for your outdoor adventure.

SPIKA Camo is Made with 180GSM adaptable elasticized fabric to fit different people and easy movement on an active hunt.

The well-balanced 4-way stretch soft fabric makes the hunting facemask incredibly soft against your skin, allowing greater mobility while maintaining shape. Suitable for conditions where a thin layer is needed to protect your skin from windchill.

The hunting mask has a center breathing panel, reduces moisture buildup and aids ventilation. The multifunction hood headwear can be adjusted neck sallows to minimize moisture buildup and allow maximum breathability.

The hunting facemask protects you from the cold and harsh winds while keeping your head warm during your hunt.

It protects from wind and sunburn and helps keep out unwanted insects and debris. This face cover made of soft, lightweight fabric is comfortable enough to wear throughout your hunt.

It offers your head and neck protection from the elements. It can be used in various activities, including hunting, camping, running, skiing and as an extra layer whilst working outside in the winter.

The SPIKA Camo Balaclava is the ultimate off-field accessory for those looking to conceal their identity while still keeping comfortable during colder months.


EAmber Ghillie 3D Leafy Camouflage Full Face Mask

Get ready for hunting season with our all-new EAmber Camouflage. The hunting camo face mask provides excellent concealment under a bush, trees, shrubs and even grasses—3D Leafy Ghillie Face Mask, built for extreme utility.

There is no need for hard-to-use ghillie suits, expensive replacement netting, or other bulky hunting equipment.

EAmber Ghillie premium face mask is made with lightweight elastic material. It feels comfortable and snug and features an eye-opening, so you can maximize vision while remaining undetected in your chosen field of study.

The hunting facemask has a breathable mesh design that allows easy exhalation and drinking water. The adjustable elastic stretch headband also gives you a custom fit.

There are two openings for eyes on each side and the back of the head to provide you with a complete vision without noticing others.

This polyester face mask is breathable, quick-dry and reversible making it a must-have for all outdoor activities.

The forehead front of the camo face cover is removable to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight and insects.

With its one size fits almost all adult heads, it is not only good eye protection but also a fantastic head cover while you are in the wild.

Whether you’re in a tree stand or sitting quietly on a log, wearing it will help conceal your presence.

The 3D leafy face mask is perfect for hunting, spring turkey season, airsoft paintball, shooting, tactical training, fishing and other outdoor activities.

North Mountain Gear Camouflage Leafy Face Mask Woodland

The Hunting Facemask Camouflage is an excellent addition to any ghillie suit. If you love to get out into the forests and mountains but hate the hassle of face paint, a Camouflage Leafy facemask is for you.

The micro-mesh shell will keep the bugs off your face and keep you comfortable even if it’s a bit hot outside.

This product is made of high-quality materials and designed to withstand the harsh conditions hunters encounter. Great for turkey hunting on the ground or deer hunting in a tree stand.

It has both netting and nylon with a nylon cord in the back for a comfortable fit. The mask protects your face, neck, and ears for maximum concealment during hunting.

Our full-cover camo face mask is one size fits most, men/women/teens. Our face mask protects your face and neck while still allowing you to breathe freely and easily.

While hunting in the woods, the one part of our body that we probably move the most is our head.

This full-cover camo face mask is an excellent piece of gear to help keep your movement undetected, eliminate your human head’s outline, and blend you into your surroundings.

North Mountain Gear face mask is terrific in the deer stand or grounds blind. Use it to make hunting easier or blend in while shooting paintball guns at a friend, archery hunting in a tree stand – turkey hunting on the ground or a pickup game of tactical paintball.

It is Ideal for tree stand hunters who want full-face concealment.

The best quality camo face masks can benefit almost any hunting situation. Deer, turkey, and other critters have a keen eye. And trust us, they don’t want to ever see your face!

Pro Tip: If you choose to buy a full-face camo face mask, make sure you practice shooting with it on. Sometimes the eye holes will shift when tilting one’s head to peer through a scope, making aiming difficult.

And a good quality hunting face mask can also help control scent by filtering your breath. That’s right, mouth breathers!

Besides, washing camo face paint off is a real pain in the ass! Go with a high quality camo face mask to help make your hunts more comfortable and more successful!

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Written by Mark Metzlov

A certified "Crossbow Guru," with over 35 years of bowhunting experience Mark loves to test new crossbow models at the range, and in the woods during hunting season. Mark is also a top-notch wild game chef who can cook up a wicked venison burger on a moment's notice!

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