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  • wicked ridge invader user reviews

    Wicked Ridge Invader 400 Crossbow Review (2021)

    There’s not much bad to say in this Wicked Ridge Invader 400 Crossbow review. The Invader 400 is a beast of a crossbow! It’s made in the USA and is an excellent choice for new and seasoned crossbow hunters alike. It’s not super small and compact like some other crossbow models are. But it’s plenty […] More

  • best hang on tree stand reviews

    Best Hang-On Tree Stand Reviews For Crossbow Hunting (2021)

    One of the most popular types of treestands for deer hunting with a crossbow is the hang-on stand. These strap-on-style stands offer excellent portability, allowing crossbow hunters to hunt areas far off the beaten path. The best quality hang on deer stands for crossbow hunting will: be light weight and portable; feature 2 or more […] More

  • top rated illuminated crossbow scopes

    The Best Illuminated Crossbow Scopes For Deer Hunting (2021)

    Here’s how to choose the best-illuminated crossbow scopes for deer hunting. It’s important to choose carefully because optics that are internally illuminated can be a blessing and a curse. That’s right. Choosing the wrong illuminated crossbow scope can literally make or break a hunt! Here at you can count on us because we are […] More

  • lethal 405 ratings

    Killer Instinct Lethal 405 Crossbow Review

    In this Killer Instinct Lethal 405 crossbow review we’re going to find out if this sub $400 hunting crossbow is really capable of speeds over 400 FPS and if it’s able to hit the broad side of a barn past 20 yards! Let’s face it. Eclipsing the 400 FPS speed mark at such a low […] More

  • testing the killer instinct pro 9.5

    Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 Crossbow Review

    This Killer Instinct Pro 9.5 Crossbow review will shed light on the myth that one needs to spend thousands of dollars for a decent hunting crossbow. Coming in at under $500, the Pro 9.5 isn’t loaded with the latest, greatest hi-tech features. But it is loaded with value and plenty of performance for slapping a […] More

  • reviews of mission sub 1 xr crossbows

    Mission Archery Sub-1 XR Crossbow Review

    If you’re on the hunt for a super accurate sub-compact hunting crossbow that pushes the 400 FPS mark with the ability to stack arrows in under 1-inch groups at 100 yards, this Mission Sub-1 XR review is worth a read! Matthews is on a Mission with the Sub-1 XR crossbow. This is another great example […] More

  • questions about crossbows
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    Crossbow Questions And Answers

    What distance should I zero my crossbow? When it’s time to sight in and zero your crossbow most people choose a distance of 20 yards. This is the most common range that shots are taken in the field while hunting. Since most crossbows shoot with a very flat trajectory, sighting into zero at that mark […] More

  • crossbow hunting merriam turkey

    Hunting Merriam’s Wild Turkeys

    Merriam’s wild turkeys weigh between twelve and fifteen pounds. The male is slightly larger than the female, in most cases. They have gray upperparts including red eyebrows and throat, lighter colored flanks, and dark bellies. The upper portion of the turkey’s neck has black stripes the tail feathers have horizontal stripes near the top edges. […] More

  • Reviews of TenPoint Vengent S440 crossbow

    Ten Point Vengent S440 Crossbow Review

    Good news hunters, as this TenPoint Vengent S440 crossbow review details, this is an excellent choice for hunting all large game species. Ten-point has been on a roll over the last several years producing some of the most accurate and powerful crossbow designs for the price. The Vengent S440 is no exception! This thing is […] More

  • hunting turkeys

    Wild Turkey Hunting

    Wild turkey hunting is becoming more popular as bird numbers continue to increase throughout the USA. There are approximately thirteen to twenty-five million wild turkeys in America. The wild turkeys are an arid upland feeding bird native to North America, among two extant species of wild turkeys, and the second-highest nesting bird of all birds, […] More

  • hunting eastern wild turkeys

    The Eastern Wild Turkey

    The eastern wild turkey is a medium-sized ground bird indigenous to North America, the only surviving species of the genus turkeys, and the second extant species of turkey, among the two extinct members of this order. It is also the ancestor of the domestic turkeys, which was initially derived from a Mexican subspecies of turkey. […] More

  • fire crossbow with accuracy

    How To Shoot A Crossbow Accurately

    How to shoot a crossbow accurately starts with a basic understanding of how crossbows work. Crossbows are mechanical devices, consisting of an arbor, a handpiece, and a string. The arbor serves as the support for the archer’s hands and is usually made out of wood or plastic. The handpiece, which is called a grip, is […] More

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