Fanning Turkey Strut Decoys: Pro Staff Best Picks

Strutting & Fanning Decoy Reviews By Experienced Turkey Hunters!

Right now, one of the hottest trends in crossbow turkey hunting is giving hunters another chance to tag even the wariest of big spring gobblers.

Using realistic turkey fanning and strut decoys offer mobile crossbow hunters a chance to sneak into range.

Sometimes even the most realistic gobbles, clucks, and purrs fail to bring big gobblers into shooting range. The best tactic can sometimes be using a fanning or strut-style gobbler decoy to hide behind and stalk up on those hung-up gobblers.

The best fanning and strut turkey decoys must be ultra-realistic, lightweight, and easy to carry. They must also be large enough for the hunter to hide behind without being detected by the gobbler.

This run-and-gun style of turkey hunting is a real challenge, especially with a crossbow where getting close to the target is a must.

We’ve hunted behind various strut and fanning-style turkey decoys with a wide range of success. While they aren’t perfect for every situation, they can be a great option for moving in close without being busted.

In order to pull it off and tag a gobbler using this aggressive hunting style, one needs one of the best strutting or fanning turkey decoys available. The detail really does matter when shopping for these types of decoys.

Here is our list of our best picks of best turkey fanning and strut decoys to try when hunting with a crossbow, compound bow or shotgun:

MOJO Outdoors Tail Chaser Max Portable Fan Hunting Decoy

Get the ultimate close-shot experience with our MOJO Turkey Tail Chaser Max. This fanning decoy keeps you hidden while calling or creeping close to turkeys.

The wisest of toms can’t help but be fooled by a hunter hiding behind this big removable turkey fan. MOJO fanning strut decoy has an artificial fan with a painted gobbler head that increases the realism of the turkey decoy.

The new and improved gobble head will impress even the most seasoned hunters. It also offers a redesigned hub that allows you to add your turkey fan; this is one hunt you won’t want to miss.

MOJO Turkey Tail Chaser Max has convenient new erect legs that conveniently hold your gun upright off the ground when you’re ready to take the shot.

This Decoy provides a fast and easy way to put a tom right before your muzzle. Easy to use, slip the hub over your shotgun barrel for a tight fit and fold-able fan for easy pack out or set up.

It is built with a removable, lightweight carry gun that mounts to the Scoot N Shoot. With this solid 2-in-1 turkey setup, you can see through and control shotgun aim like never before.

The housing is elevated to accommodate sights, giving it extreme portability and easy carry capabilities.”

Every turkey fan needs to go the distance, and their dekes need to do the same. So take your Scoot N Shoot hunting to the next level with this fantastic new MOJO Tail Chaser Fan Hunting Decoy.


The Grind Reaper Quarter-Body Strutter Decoy

If you’re looking for a realistic and durable strutting turkey decoy that’s easy to set up and use, look no further! The Reaper Quarter-Body Strutter Decoy from The Grind is a quarter-strut design that’s lightweight, durable, and easily transportable to the turkey woods.

Tough-yet-lightweight Grind Strutter Decoy uses the detachable full fan or your jake fan to add realism and spark aggression.

Its easy-to-use reaping technique is simple to set up in even the toughest ground. Durable EVA material holds its shape from one season to the next. Plus, no more dents!

The head and body anatomy, paired with realistic iridescent feather colors and details, proves to be irresistible to Ole Tom – and the closer he gets, the better they look!

The heat-treated, textured paint process resists scratches or flakes and holds up on those crazy run-and-gun hunts.

The Heavy-Duty Step Stake has a footstep that makes setting up the stake fast and easy, even in hard soil. The stakes dimensions are 13.5″ x 12″ x 9″, weighing 3 lbs.


KILLERGEAR Turkey Fanning Decoy

Why hunt with the same boring “old-school” decoys? – Now you can hunt AND film at the same time! KILLERGEAR TurkeyFan is a uniquely-designed hunting decoy that is self-rotating, lightweight, portable and full of features!

Open it up, stake it in the ground and let it go to work. Use the TurkeyFan with any turkey calls to lure your game closer for a clean kill shot.

This revolutionary TurkeyFan Decoy simulates the natural movements of a male turkey, enabling you to bring your prey straight to hand.

It attaches to your bow or belt to stay out of the way while you’re stalking. The Decoy provides an easy way to lure in your next turkey while maintaining a full range of motion.

It fits in the back pocket when folded. The movement of a strutting tom turkey is mesmerizing as his fan opens up as he struts.

In addition, the KILLERGEAR TurkeyFan Hunting Decoy allows you to attach a smartphone and POV camera (smartphone, POV camera and POV bracket not included) easily to capture all your hunts on video.

Now you can take photos, make movies, share exciting moments and record memories for your friends and family.

The Decoy is not only functional but also very easy to use. After cocking the bait, pull the trigger, and the natural fanning movement starts.

The goal of KILLERGEAR is to help you enjoy the beauty of nature and the outdoor environment with the innovatively designed gears.

This product is one of our flagship products suitable for traditional archery hunting and modern-day bow hunting.


MOJO Outdoors Fatal Fan Turkey Hunting Decoy

Now you can take the challenge of even the most dominant tom to new levels as you provoke his aggression with the MOJO Fatal Fan Decoy.

The MOJO Fatal Fan is a realistic fanning decoy that offers a degree of unsurpassed realism. A lifelike artificial fan with a photo head mounted to a stake on a hinge with a convenient thumb tab that allows the fan to be laid back in an aggressive posture.

The Mojo Fatal Fan simulates the act of fanning and spreading back a tail, which can provoke an aggressive charge from a gobbler – all without carrying a large, extra decoy into the tree. Instead, place it on the ground and enjoy it from afar.

The Fatal Fan also includes a specially designed fan hub that allows you to substitute your real turkey fan for added realism.

This Decoy fits easily into a backpack or vest for ultimate portability when folded. It’s super easy to use, simple to store, and fully packable for Scoot & Shoot style hunts.

The realistic fan decoy is a versatile product that can be used either on a stake as an upright turkey decoy or as a Scoot & Shoot by turning the head backwards and toward the hunter.

It works great in the Spring, during the breeding season and whenever you want to provoke a gobbler into action.


Avian-X Trophy Tom Turkey Decoy

Bring in the trophy Tom this Spring with the Avian-X Trophy Tom Decoy. The Avian-X Fan helps close the deal in the field with its lifelike posture and inviting look.

So whether you enjoy reaping the hunt’s rewards across a field or letting the Decoy do the work, this is an excellent turkey decoy to have this season.

The aggressive side posture of this Decoy is inviting to other more aggressive toms in the field. The Trophy Tom Decoy will accept the realistic feather pattern of your fan and beard or use it as strutting jake.

The Avian-X Trophy Tom helps close the deal in the field, then serves as a beautiful and efficient reminder of the hunt.

The Avian-X Trophy Tom has extreme lifelike movement, so even slight breezes won’t stop it from bringing aggressive toms. The lightweight design of this model allows you to move it around with ease.

Easily packable body style stows neatly in your vest or backpack. Also, it includes a ground stake for easy setup, plus extra feathers for customization season after season.


KILLERGEAR Hands-Free Turkey Jake Fanning Decoy

KILLERGEAR Hands-Free Turkey Jake Fanning Decoy is a must-have tool for turkey hunters or callers. The KILLERGEAR Fanning decoy is the most realistic turkey decoy on the market.

KILLERGEAR JakeFan combines a 3D head with a running recognition pattern that simulates an adolescent while the wings act as a fanning decoy.

The body is 100% silent, and we have included a ground stake in place of your traditional decoy support. During bow or gun season, it functions as a fanning decoy with the ground stake and as a stationary decoy.

It combines two different methods to get you that turkey for dinner. KILLERGEAR ‘s design mimics an adolescent bird going in and out of a strut. When attached to the Decoy, its Face mask triggers the territorial response of a dominant tom against the JakeFan.

The durable decoy has a custom window that works for filming non-stop or looking through while hunting for whatever you need to see. Requires POV bracket sold separately.

This turkey decoy is lightweight and easy to use. KILLERGEAR is built to last with a durable polyethene body and built in-ground stake that folds into its handle for easy transportation.

Carry with the built-in handle recessed into the bait’s body for added portability and dual purpose. With multiple uses, simply by adding or removing the face mask, you can use the JakeFan for deer & varmint hunting, photography and many other uses.

Get the response and harvest that you deserve in the Spring with the KILLERGEAR JakeFan!


Flambeau Outdoors 700KS King Strutter Turkey Decoy

Take advantage of the fury that an accurate and realistic turkey decoy can create at your next hunt. Climb to new heights of turkey hunting prowess with a Flambeau Outdoors 700KS King Strutter Turkey Decoy.

The feather details on this feature-packed Decoy will make you an instant legend in the turkey woods.

This fanning decoy is based on a ruffed grouse’s actual shape and movement. The Flambeau King Stutter turkey decoy is built to last and guaranteed to attract a flock of gobblers, Featuring a sturdy powder-coated stake.

It features an innovative keyhole stake plate that allows up to 60 degrees of flexion in a breeze and uses it as a kick, a wing, a tail, or as it is planted into the ground.

The flickering tongue, real glass eyes, and curly “ghilly” hair on this Decoy make it more lifelike to turkeys. These features come with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel stake and high-definition artificial feathers.

This turkey fanning decoy also comes with a high-definition synthetic fantail. Still, a sewn-in tie allows you to use a real turkey tail or even a turkey beard to create even another level of realism.

The synthetic beard enhances realism by blending contours as no real beard can. A realistic and affordable turkey decoy is durable, lightweight and easy to carry.

This unit has a rugged carrier bag, heavy-duty powder-coated steel stake, and high definition synthetic fantail. Flambeau is not just another 3D face decoy but an all-around hunting tool.


MONTANA DECOY Fanatic Reaping Decoy

Stand up to hunters and match every move, or sit tight and wait for the right moment! The MONTANA Fanatic turkey decoy is just what you need to slip into a flock.

MONTANA Fanatic Reaping decoy is an excellent choice for the run-and-gun hunter.

The Fanatic decoy is a realistic-looking decoy that can be driven into the ground or used as a traditional decoy.

It features photographic realism and lifelike size, making it one of the best turkey-calling devices on the market.

The reaping handle is designed for quick setups and one-handed operation, while the see-thru mesh window allows you to hide without the turkey seeing your outline. In addition, its foldable design is perfect for transporting and storing.

Whether you’re trying to be more attractive or cover your movements, this compact, portable 2-D turkey decoy folds up to half its size and can be stashed away in your truck until it’s time to call in the bird.

Lightweight Fanatic Reaping decoy is easy to carry on your shoulder while you walk in and set up before the birds come into range.

Then, stick it in your pack and head out for the hunt of a lifetime. It’s easy to use; unfold it and stake it into the ground by hand.

It can also serve as a traditional decoy that you can set on the ground and hide behind it. Get yours today!


MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot MAX Turkey Hunting Decoy

Hunt more turkeys by using the ultimate MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot MAX Turkey Hunting Decoy. Hiding behind an ultra-realistic gobbler decoy and creeping within the gun range of gobblers can be the most exciting way to hunt spring turkey.

This Decoy features a bright red neck, naturally raised feathers, and two oversized turkey wings that flutter in the wind to create an ultra-realistic effect.

Our MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot fanning decoy is designed with realistic feather positions, so they look like real turkeys from any angle! It also features an openable fan to help conceal your face and body behind the Decoy as you move into position.

The entire display is removable and features specially designed-hubs that allow you to use your real turkey fan and wings for ultimate realism.

Ideal for still-hunting or walking in an open field, our Decoy will have you taking long walks in the tall grass chasing after flocks of gobblers.

Our baits are sturdy and stable on open ground with a built-in handle grip and sturdy ground stakes.

Lightweight MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot MAX Decoy is easy to take with you since it already has everything that is needed to carry around easily. So charge your shotgun and get ready to bag that turkey!


Avian-X Strutter Decoy, Collapsible Realistic Turkey Decoy

The Avian-X Strutter Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD) Strutter is loaded with features that make it the ultimate turkey decoy!

The Lifelike Collapsible Decoy from AVIAN-X is the first turkey decoy to feature Dura-Rubber construction.

Dura-Rubber provides the quietest, smoothest, and most durable material for baits. The Avian-X Strutter won’t crease or dent like traditional plastics with a unique stake system.

Instead, it fits easily into a turkey vest while staying lightweight and portable. This collapsible Decoy features a lifelike posture attractive to gobblers of all ages.

A realistic motion comes via an easy fold-out stake, allowing ample movement without the unnatural spin typical to lighter decoys.

The Avian-X Strutter is also detailed with a true-to-life body posture, features natural feather detailing and a revolutionary ‘No-Flake’ paint scheme, making the Decoy hard to tell apart from the real thing.

Its 24-inch stake assures the Decoy is taller than most and easily deflates and folds into an included decoy bag.

Its visibility and non-aggressive pose make this Decoy attractive to both dominant and subdominant gobblers, making it ideal for novices and experts alike.

Its one-piece stake design allows it to move and turn with the slightest wind. Place the Decoy on a stake for added movement in an open area without spinning.

With this fanning decoy from Avian-X, timid Toms won’t be able to resist looking into your call. A must-have tool for serious turkey hunters.


Avian-X HDR Strutter Turkey Decoy

Whether you’re setting up trick shots or trying to fill a vacant spot in your spread, Avian-X Turkey Decoys will help you bag more birds.

Avian-X Turkey Decoys are lightweight, innovative turkey decoys to help you be successful in the field. It creates realistic turkey hunting scenarios for both your spring and fall seasons.

Each Decoy is hand-carved for the utmost realism and finely detailed to look just like the real thing.

The Avian-X HDR Strutter Decoy with Heavy-Duty Realism technology harnesses the ultimate in realism, detail and durability.

Blow-moulded into reality from hand-carved designs, they feature unparalleled levels of realism and detail.

In addition, the Avian-X Strutter features the most lifelike paint scheme, realistic feather detail and durable construction.

Versatile and easy to transport, the HDR Strutter comes with two interchangeable head postures, one red, one white for a more aggressive or passive look and attachable spreader wings that help fan open the Decoy for a realistic look.

It’s 15% smaller size makes it easy to carry and transport, while the optional plastic tail also allows for added realism and weather resistance.

This Decoy comes with everything needed for an attractive setup that bags gobblers and secures your next feast. Pick up yours today!

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your next turkey hunt and want to be able to hunt more aggressively, using a fan or strut-style gobbler decoy can be a ton of fun.

There’s nothing like having a big, angry gobbler come running into your decoy with spurs flaring and ready for action.

Having one of the best lightweight, realistic, and easy-to-use strut or fan-style turkey decoys will hopefully give you the advantage you need to tag a gobbler this turkey hunting season!

Written by Mark Metzlov

A certified "Crossbow Guru," with over 35 years of bowhunting experience Mark loves to test new crossbow models at the range, and in the woods during hunting season. Mark is also a top-notch wild game chef who can cook up a wicked venison burger on a moment's notice!

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