How To Go Hunting With A Crossbow

With crossbows being relatively new to the hunting scene, many people inquire how to go hunting with a crossbow.

It might be fairly easy for someone to hunt with a rifle or with a pistol, but the use of crossbow is more challenging and a more traditional way to pursue game animals.

Crossbow hunting also allows hunters to enjoy the longer archery deer seasons which in many cases are open during the rut which offers a ton of excitement when being out in the woods.

If anyone can use a rifle properly, it is usually fairly easy for him or her to use a crossbow but it is surely necessary for someone to know a few things first.

1. How To Go Hunting With A Crossbow Step 1

The term “cocking” or drawing often means pulling the string of a crossbow backwards.

If you are going to go hunting with a crossbow it is crucial you are able to safely and easily draw the weapon and load an arrow without any help from anyone else.

It is always necessary to align the string very carefully because a little misalignment can often make the arrow go off target. A person can leave his crossbow cocked for the whole day (provided that the arrow is removed) but the person should always uncock the crossbow at the end of the hunt.

Drawing a crossbow is one of the most difficult aspects of hunting with an xbow because it requires a decent amount of strength.

2. Shooting

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After cocking the xbow comes the next vital part, which is shooting. If you are wondering how to go hunting with a crossbow you will have to have shooting it accurately down to a science.

It is very easy to injure a game animal with a crossbow if your shot is not accurate and through the vitals. Unlike a rifle bullet that kills from shock and penetration, a crossbow arrow kills only from penetrating the vitals.

To load a crossbow place an arrow on the rail after the string has been cocked. After that, confirm that the arrow is placed properly.

When it comes to shooting, all the principles of using a rifle or shooting an arrow from a bow comes into play. However, before pulling the trigger a person should always notice whether there is an obstacle right in front of him or not.

How to go hunting with a crossbow is no different than hunting with a rifle when it comes to the actual shot. You want to aim carefully and slowly pull the trigger. Avoid any sudden pulling motions. Keep everything smooth and control your breathing for a steady shot every time.

3. How to hunt with a xbow after the shot is taken

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After the shot is taken it is crucial that you watch the animal that has been shot at. Take note of how it reacted after the trigger was pulled.

Learning how to hunt with a crossbow requires careful attention to the details after the shot was made.

Watch the animal as it runs off and remembers a tree or rock or another landmark where it was last seen. If there is no blood trail you can always search in that area with hopes of picking up a blood trail or finding the animal nearby.

Unlike rifle hunting when a hunter can immediately go retrieve the animal, xbow hunting requires one to wait quietly for at least 30 minutes after the shot to ensure the animal has died. You do not want to scare a wounded animal that was about to die and have it run off and never be found and tagged.


I am an avid compound bow and crossbow hunter living in the midwestern United States. I like to write crossbow and hunting gear reviews as well as hunting news and how to posts.

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