What Is The Quietest Crossbow In 2021?

As a crossbow hunter, you probably know the significance of selecting a quiet and quality crossbow. Many hunters want to know what the quietest crossbow is because they can be notoriously loud when fired.

A noisy crossbow puts the hunter at a disadvantage because unlike a rifle where the projectile is traveling faster or at the speed of sound, a crossbow arrow is much slower.

If a crossbow is loud, it can startle the animal being shot at, allowing it to move or duck out of the way resulting in a miss or injury.

What is the Quietest Crossbow For Hunting?

silent hunting crossbowThe CAMX A4 Crossbow is considered by many as the quietest crossbow. It has advanced noise suppression features to dampen loud noise and keep the xbow quiet when fired.

CAMX A4 is considered by many hunters as one of the best low noise xbows to buy in the industry.

It is famous for exceptional accuracy as well as excellent durability. The modern Cam A4 suspension system has a patent-pending and innovative inboard cam system. (1)

The system also includes a unique swing arm design, with four axles mounted on vibration-free limbs designed to lower shock and noise.

The CAM A4 is also ultra-compact and can fire arrows up to 370 feet per second. It is one of the fastest American made xbows on the market.

The A4 suspension system provides blazing speeds while offering the user a smooth and whisper quiet shooting experience. As you can see, the A4 has taken crossbow quietness and durability to new levels.

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Indeed, the shooting experience you encounter while using this crossbow is comparable to none. Here are the main features of this ultra-low noise xbow:

  • Noise Dampening A4 Suspension System

The A4 is designed for a vibration free finish at the bottom of the shot. The cam position is usually at ninety degrees when the crossbow is cocked.

When the arrow moves forward, and the string hits the bumper pad one time, the suspension system can catch up to the shot.

While the crossbow produces a speed of 370 FPS, you will realize that it hardly generates any noise or vibration.

• PAR (Pivoting Arrow Retention) System

A4’s patented PAR system gives consistent and steady pressure on the arrow. This design ensures that the shaft is held down firmly and also prevents it fall out of the crossbow rail even with a strong and direct impact at the front end.

• Limb Technology
CAMX A4 includes a 3-layer laminated split-limb design. The A4 limbs are known to be armor tough.

Both sides of the limbs contain laminated glass skins to cover all exposed fibers. To guarantee longevity and durability, the ends of the limbs include ballistic nylon tips.

• Cocking and De-cocking Sled

Yes, you can de-cock CAMX A4 crossbow. If you had an unsuccessful hunt and it’s time to head back home, there is no reason to carry an extra de-cocking arrow or target in your pack.

Irrespective of where you are, CAMX A4 enables you to quickly and safely de-cock your crossbow.

Why You Might Consider The Ultra Low Noise CAMX A4 Xbow

1. It’s Designed With Low Noise Functions

The suspension system of A4 includes a patent-pending swing arm system that ensures that the cable, cams, and string stay inside the tips of the limbs. This innovative system reduces noise, maximizes durability, and eliminates vibration.

2. It Has Advanced Safety Features

The A4 comes with two essential safety features. It has a Thumbsaver that protects the users’ finger all through the entire flight path of the arrow. Also, it includes Thumbsaver II to protect you from the cables.

3. It Offers A Quiet and Accurate Shooting Experience

The CAMX A4 doesn’t rely on speed alone as that only solves partial problems. The A4 crossbow is designed to be a complete tool as it is stealthy quiet, accurate, and pleasant to shoot with noise free and precise results.

How To Make A Crossbow Quieter?

Crossbows can output a significant amount of noise when fired since they produce great force and power from short and highly compressed limbs.

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If you are a hunter and want to improve your chances of filling your tag, it is wise to ensure that your crossbow produces as little noise as possible.

A quiet crossbow often times allows for several shots at the same animal without alarming other animals in the field.

Here is how to make your crossbow quieter:

1) Install a string and cable dampening system

This will decrease string and cable slapping noise. You can install dampeners to the bolt-retention spring, limbs, cable, as well as the crossbow string.

Noise reduction dampeners can also be installed on the foot stirrup and other accessories such as quiver to reduce vibration.

Installing xbow string silencers is probably the fastest and easiest method of lowering noise.

Generally, the technique involves reducing the vibration as much as possible to dampen noise via rubber inserts or string ties.

2) Shoot heavier crossbow arrows to quiet the crossbow

Another tactic to quiet your crossbow is to use heavier arrows. Since much of the energy generated during firing is imparted to the heavy bolt, there will be little energy to make the crossbow vibrate.

Also, heavy bolts can relieve the excess stress contained in the crossbow limbs while still maintaining its accuracy.

3) Keep the crossbow well lubricated to dampen noise

When shooting, it is advisable to use a well-lubricated crossbow as it is less prone to having the strings separate due to wind resistance and wear. In the end, this results in fewer vibrations and an increasingly silent shot.

4) Shoot a heavier broadhead to decrease xbow noise

Irrespective of your crossbow’s performance and kind of arrow you use, broadhead weight can play an essential part in noise suppression.

Since the crossbow arrow kills an animal by causing substantial blood loss, not by shock, you should use a broadhead that is heavy and razor-sharp.

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A heavy broadhead makes the arrow heavy, and this makes it absorb more energy during a shot. It is this absorption of energy (and potential noise) that makes the crossbow quieter.

5) Use rubber sound dampening string whiskers

You can dampen the vibration of your crossbow by installing rubber string whiskers around the bowstring. The filaments are typically thin, long, and spaghetti-like pieces of rubber.

The installation of these accessories is pretty simple, as you only need to tie them at equal distances away from the nocking point and in an overhand knot.

Other Quiet Crossbow Models To Consider

[wpsm_titlebox title=”Barnett Headhunters Reverse Draw Crossbow” style=”3″]

The headhunter offers solid low noise crossbow performance in an easy to draw package that works great for deer hunting.

Velocity: 330 fps

Draw Weight: 155 lbs

Weight: 6.5 lbs

Energy Stroke: 15.125 inches

Axle-to-Axle: 16.75 inches

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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Barnett Vengeance Crossbow” style=”3″]

Combine Reverse Limb technology with an ultra-brand new Carbon Riser and you get one of the crucial fastest, so much tough crossbows ever from Barnett! 43% of the riser weight has been got rid of to shift the middle of gravity back. Supplies enough speed and gear for any game. 3.5 lb. ADF trigger. Arrow speed: As much as 365 fps. Draw Weight: 140 lbs. Axle-to-Axle: 18.38″. Stock Length: 34.75″. Color: Realtree APG. Weight: 8 lbs

Buy on Amazon


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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Bear Archery Fisix FFL” style=”3″]
Bear Archery Fisix FFL Crossbow

If you have been hunting for a long time, you have probably heard of the legendary Bear Archery brand and its track record for solid dependability, accuracy, and power. The Fisix FFL is one of Bear Archery’s high-end offerings.


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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Mission MXB Sniper Lite Pro Package” style=”3″]

Mission MXB Sniper Lite Pro Package

The rail is as crucial to the accuracy of a crossbow as the barrel is to a rifle. Its CNC machined rail eliminates vertical nock travel for unmatched accuracy.


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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Mission Archery Sub-1 XR” style=”3″]

Mission Archery Sub-1 XR

Mission Archery Sub-1 XR 410FPS RT Edge Camo Crossbow with Pro Package #XK035 The SUB-1 XR is designed for hard-hitting accuracy and superior stealth. It features our innovative Benchmark Fire Keep an eye on technology, known for its ability to safely de-cock with the push of a button




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[wpsm_titlebox title=”HORTON CROSSBOW INNOVATIONS NH15001-7522 Storm RDX” style=”3″]

Storm RDX By Horton Crossbows Brand – For a long time now, Horton has been making crossbows. This company is the parent of TenPoint, but they are still producing excellent hunting tools. Most of the xbows that they make are reverse draw compound crossbows



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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Ravin R20 Crossbow” style=”3″]

Ravin Crossbows, R20 Crossbow


The Ravin R20 is one of the sleekest crossbows that enable you to hunt in more restricted areas. It measures a mere 6 inches when fully drawn and 10.5 inches when un-cocked. This size makes it compact, making it easy for you to carry from place to place.



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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Tenpoint Nitro XRT” style=”3″]
most powerful crossbow

Ripping arrows down-range at speeds up to 470FPS and 191 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, the Nitro XRT is one of the most powerful crossbows a hunter can buy.





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What is the quietest crossbow is a great question to ask when considering an xbow to buy for hunting. While the CAMX A4 is probably the quietest xbow on the market, it’s essential not to overlook what can be done to make any crossbow create less noise from string and cable slap.

By keeping your xbow well lubricated, adding a string and cable dampeners, and tieing rubber string silencers to the string, even the loudest crossbow can be made much quieter.

Just remember that no matter how whisper quiet your crossbow is, the animal you are shooting at is probably going to hear the shot regardless.

So it’s vital that you keep your shots to distances that you are comfortable with and are confident you can get the arrow in the vitals every time.

Written by Mark Metzlov

A certified "Crossbow Guru," with over 35 years of bowhunting experience Mark loves to test new crossbow models at the range, and in the woods during hunting season. Mark is also a top-notch wild game chef who can cook up a wicked venison burger on a moment's notice!

What Is The Best Crossbow To Buy In 2021

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