Crossbow Repair Tips & Tricks

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Some of the common problems that you may encounter while using your crossbow are listed below. These crossbow repair tips and tricks are not rocket science but should help you keep your weapon finely tuned.

Modern crossbows have many moving parts that can wear out over time. Keep the moving parts well lubricated can go a long way towards having a crossbow that is dependable and fail proof.

Remember, while recurve crossbows are more difficult to draw and prepare for firing, they have fewer moving parts and are easier to maintain then the more technologically advanced compound xbows featuring cables, pulleys, and other mechanisms.

When The XBow Does Not Engage While Cocking.

This is a common problem which may cause the crossbow not to fire accurately. The problem occurs when the string has not been pulled to the point that you can cock the bow while engaging the safety mechanism. You can easily reattach the cocking device to ensure it works perfectly. Pull back the string until you hear a distinct click sound. Engage the safety, aim and shoot. In the case where the problem persists, seek professional help.

Issues During Xbow Assembly.

While assembling your crossbow, the bow may fail to come together as required. The possible cause of this is the misalignment of the parts, screws, bolts and even the frame. Try to disassemble the crossbow and then reassemble the whole device. To be able to assemble your bow correctly, cultivate the culture of curiosity to understand your crossbow well. If the problem persists beyond your expertise, feel free to seek professional crossbow repair.

A poorly assembled xbow can be dangerous to shoot and have power and accuracy issues.

Crossbow Components Loosen Over Time

The modern crossbows are well built and steady. Continued use, however, may cause the bolts and screws holding it together to loosen a little bit every time you shoot. Remember, there is a ton of force involved when firing one of these weapons. Loosening of the bolts and screws holding the components together affects the accuracy of your shots.

You will need to fasten the bolts and screws before going hunting. You may also need to carry the screwdrivers to help you tighten the bolts while out hunting should they get loose.crossbow repair online

A thread adhesive like Loc-Tite can work wonders for holding screws, nuts and bolts in place over time. It only takes a couple of drops to pin them in place and make them protected from vibration and becoming loose.

When using Loc-Tite and other thread adhesives make sure you don’t get any on the string, cable, optics or any plastic parts. The chemicals in the adhesive can eat away at anything that is not metal!

When the Safety Does Not Engage While Cocking But the Crossbow Fires

Most modern xbows feature an auto safety mechanism that engages each time the string is pulled back over the trigger hasp. This way the user does not have to remind him or her self to engage the safety manually.

Some times the mechanism designed to auto-engage the safety can break or become work to the point where it no longer functions.

Reports of such cases are usually few, but yet still you should be prepared for it. The first step that you take is to cock your bow. After cocking the bow, click the safety on, aim and fire with it pointed in a safe position.

Next, cock the xbow again and load an arrow. With it pointed in a safe direction pull the trigger. If it fires that means the auto safety is not correctly functioning.crossbow maintenance

Should this problem persist, feel free to take your crossbow to the qualified personnel dealing with a crossbow to avoid injury. This is a very important issue to have fixed immediately.

Fixing the Bow String

Owning a crossbow means that you will constantly be facing the problems with your bowstring. The string is however very simple to fix an owing to its essential role; you need to learn how to fix it. Before replacing your string, check the status of the string by running your fingers over it. If the string is perfect condition but loosened, tighten it up. In the case that the string is broken or worn out, you will need to replace the string using a special serving cable or a bow press.

In most cases, you will want to take the xbow into a dealer or archery shop owner to have the string replaced. It is important that the replacement string is of the same length and of the proper thickness to match the nocks on the bolts being shot.

In many cases, the serving of the string is the first part to fray and weaken. The serving is usually wrapped in a wax material like dental floss. This is the area of the string which contacts the arrow nock and tends to see the most amount of stress while shooting.

Never use petroleum based oils or lubricants on or near the xbow string. The chemicals in some lubricants can eat away at the fibers and greatly reduce the life span of the string. Only wax should be used to keep the string in good shape.

These are but some of the problems you may encounter while using a crossbow. As we have seen, most of the problems can be easily solved by you without having to visit the professional crossbow repair shops. More experience shall also give you more exposure on how to handle your crossbow and repair it on your own. You are free to visit the professional repair shops if the problem persists.


With these crossbow repair tips and tricks, you should be on your to keeping your weapon in tip-top shape!  To always ensure that your bow is in perfect shape and working faultlessly, regularly inspect the functionality of all parts. You will also need to periodically clean the crossbow to prevent some parts from breaking down. It is paramount that you exercise extreme caution while handling the crossbow

Written by Mark Metzlov

A certified "Crossbow Guru," with over 35 years of bowhunting experience Mark loves to test new crossbow models at the range, and in the woods during hunting season. Mark is also a top-notch wild game chef who can cook up a wicked venison burger on a moment's notice!

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