New For 2017 The Ten Point Carbon Phantom RCX

With 3 new crossbows slated for release in 2017, TenPoint continues to provide excellent crossbow hunting options. Touting speeds over 385 FPS the Ten Point Carbon Phantom RCX is no slouch at firing carbon down range quickly.

The Phantom RCX is headlined by the new RCX Cam System. Measuring 13.375 inches axle-to-axle when cocked, the bow assembly creates an increased power stroke, at 16-inches, for a crossbow measuring just 35.5-inches long.

For 2017 Ten point has designed a unique reverse cam system for the Carbon Phantom RCX with limbs just under 11 inches each the crossbow is easy to swing and not cumbersome in a tree or ground blind.

String stoppers help absorb shock, lower vibration and lessen overall firing noise. The RangeMaster Professional scope features multiple reticles that can be illuminated for accurate shooting in low light conditions.

Squeezing 385 FPS out of a 160 LB draw weight is very impressive, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the new Ten Point Carbon Phantom RCX for a full review coming soon.

The Phantom RCX ships with an MSRP of $1,799 with ACUdraw, and $1,699 with ACUdraw 50.

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Written by Mark Metzlov

A certified "Crossbow Guru," with over 35 years of bowhunting experience Mark loves to test new crossbow models at the range, and in the woods during hunting season. Mark is also a top-notch wild game chef who can cook up a wicked venison burger on a moment's notice!

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