Best Hang-On Tree Stand Reviews For Crossbow Hunting (2021)

One of the most popular types of treestands for deer hunting with a crossbow is the hang-on stand. These strap-on-style stands offer excellent portability, allowing crossbow hunters to hunt areas far off the beaten path.

The best quality hang on deer stands for crossbow hunting will:

  • be light weight and portable;
  • feature 2 or more hang straps;
  • incorporate a large platform for ample room;
  • be constucted of aircraft quality metal with squeak-proof fasteners

While hang-on deer stands don’t offer quite the amount of maneuverability as climbing stands do, they are much easier to move then box blinds and ladder stands are.

hang on deer stands for crossbow hunters

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to check out the list of hang-on treestand essentials we’ve compiled at the end of this post. It will help gear you up with everything you need to install and hunt from a hang-on treestand.

For many crossbow deer hunters, hang on style tree stands are the way to go when hunting a new area or hunting an area we’re treestand movement going to be key success.

Many a monster buck has been taken from these hang on style tree stands.

Editor Picks: The Best Hang-On Stands For Crossbow Deer Hunting

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Don’t Get Screwed Climbing To Your Tree Stand

Probably the most difficult part of hunting from a hang-on-style deer stand is figuring out how you intend to climb the tree to access the stand.

Originally, the only option for hunters to access their hang-on stands was the screw-in-style tree steps. The problem with the screw-in tree steps is twofold.

For one they can be a real pain in the rear to screw into the tree especially if hunting from trees with hardwood like Walnut or Oak. and two, they can also harm the tree because the tree step is actually being screwed past the bark and into the inner layer of the tree.

And when the tree step is removed the holes remain for insects and other Critters and possibly cause damage to it.

Tree-Hugger approved? Not so much.

Fortunately today we have strap-on-style ladder sticks as part of our crossbow deer hunting arsenal. These ladder sticks are a great match for hang-on-style tree stands when crossbow hunting.

The ladder sticks joined together at the ends and are strapped to the tree to create a sturdy means of climbing up the side of the tree and onto the hang-on stand. this style of tree steps can be extremely beneficial for hunters who intend to move their ladder stands frequently as they make it easier, safer, more environmentally friendly than using the old-fashioned screw-in-style tree steps.

Pros and Cons of Hang On Trees Stands For Crossbow Deer Hunting

– Hang on tree stands are extremely portable and easy to move around to different spots.
– Hang on tree stands can be hung very high in the tree for optimal scent control.
– Hang on tree stands can be placed in a wide variety of tree trunk sizes.

– Installation requires a relatively Straight Tree
– The tree must have a section free of branches.
– Hang On stands are smaller and less roomy.
– Hang On stands are more difficult to get on and off.
– Scared of heights? Forget about it!

Big Crossbow Hunters Need Big Tree Stands

When choosing a hang-on tree stand for crossbow deer hunting it’s important to consider your weight.

Beer guts and cheaply made tree stands do not go hand in hand!

If you’re maxing out a hang-on treestands weight limit, it cannot only be unsafe but also very noisy as the stand may shift and creak a lot when you shift your weight or when the stand is shifted as the tree sways in the wind.

crossbow deer hunting stands

Always look at the maximum weight limit of the hang on treestand before you purchase it.

And don’t forget to add the weight of your crossbow and all of your hunting gear to the equation.

When we hunt from hang-on stands for deer with our crossbows we like to use styles with large plat-forms.

This offers a lot more mobility, more room to recock the crossbow if a shot is fired and another arrow must be loaded, and also more safety because you have more foot room available.

Pro Tip – Buy hang-on treestands that have serrated metal on the platform for better grip in wet or icy conditions. Rough edge tape can also be added for additional grip.

Also, consider the quality of the seat. The cheaper hang-on-style deer hunting stands usually feature low-quality seats simply consisting of stretched fabric.

While this design can be acceptable for short hunts, if you intend to be out there for the long haul waiting for the Monster Bucks to cruise by, you might want to consider models with thickly padded seats that offer a lot more comfort.

Strap On Tree Stand Maintenance

It’s also extremely important to realize that hang-on treestands should never be left outside erected in the tree beyond the end of the hunting season. Leaving the stands up in the tree is bad for a number of reasons.

Critters like to nibble on the nylon strap that holds the stand to the tree. This can weaken the strap and cause it to break.

UV light does the same thing causing the strap to weaken and deteriorate from being exposed outside. Always take the stands down at the end of the hunting season and store them indoors and make sure to inspect all of the straps and fasteners before you put the stands back up in the trees again for the next crossbow deer season.

It’s important to check the fasteners and cables every year. Make sure the fasteners remain tight and secure and there are no stress cracks in the frame of the treestand that could cause issues.

best hang on tree stand reviews

And also know that strapping these hang-on style stand to the tree is probably one of the most dangerous parts of the installation process. Always wear a safety strap when installing these types of treestands because the installation process requires two hands.

Ideally you want two people working on the install with one person on a ladder and the other person on the ground holding the ladder during the installation process.  And again, the person up on the ladder installing the stand should have a safety strap securely fastened.

It’s 100% moronic and brain-dead foolish to hunt from these strap-on style hang-on stands without a safety harness installed.

Don’t go thinking that a rope tied around your waist is good enough.

It’s not! Take it from a tough guy who once used a waist rope and ended up dangling from the tree like a 220-pound Christmas tree ornament while gasping for air and flopping around in search of a sturdy branch. Not cool.

Only use safety straps that fasten around your waist and also chest as these style safety harnesses should allow you to move more freely should you fall from the tree.

Rope simply tied around your waist can flip up under your armpits or even your neck causing you to dangle dangerously and unable to position yourself in order to climb to safety.

Hang On Treestand (Pro Tips From Crossbow Deer Hunters)

Hang Em’ High

Remember that hunting with a crossbow for deer from a hang-on style tree stand that height key factor to your success the higher up the tree you go, the less of a chance that the deer will see you, and height is also your friend when it comes to scent control.

If you’re part squirrel and really want to go nose bleed high, make sure to factor in the wind. If the tree you choose is too small it may get a bit crazy way up high when the wind starts up.

Safe Installation of Hang-On Tree Stands

When installing a hang-on style tree stand it is important to always wear a safety strap. The most common reason why hunters fall out from treestands is because of the safety strap that was not worn.

Never assume that even if you have installed your hang-on tree stand properly it will hold a person’s weight safely. It is important to always wear a safety harness no matter how confident or experienced you are while hunting in hang-on style tree stands with a crossbow.

The installation process should always be a 2 person job. One person to hold the ladder while the other climbs the ladder, hoists up the treestand and hangs it on the tree.

After the tree stand is hung, it’s important to step on the platform while hugging the tree and of course wearing a safety strap. To test stability shift your weight around a bit while hugging the tree to make sure the stand is level and will not tilt in any direction.

Make large shooting lanes

Now you can sit in the stand and check out your shooting lanes. Direct your helper with the saw to cut any brush that is preventing clear crossbow shots down your shooting lanes.

Lastly, climb off the stand and back on the ladder. With the safety strap still in place on your harness, tighten the tree stand straps one more time.

In most cases they will have stretched a bit from the initial sitting. Get them good and snug now so you don’t have to worry about them during your hunts.

This is the most stable and safest method to install a hang-on tree stand for crossbow deer hunting. Always be safe and wear your safety straps whenever you hunt on treestands, it’s just common sense.

Hang On Tree Stand Essentials

These products will help make the hang-on treestand installation process much easier and also help you bag that giant crossbow buck this fall!

A Pole Saw Is A Must

Once the hang-on stand is secure you will want a pole saw to clear any branches hanging in the shooting lane. The pole saw can also come in handy for clearing branches in the area on the tree where the stand will be hung.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to clear the branches above the hang on tree stand to allow the hunter room to stand up and shoot the crossbow from a standing position both forwards and backward (behind the tree).

A Portable Ladder For Safe Hang-On Tree Stand Installation

Attempting to strap a hang-on treestand on a tree without a ladder is unsafe and foolish. Use a ladder with another person there holding the ladder to keep it secure.

This portable telescoping ladder is a great choice because it can be carried through the woods easily.

Get Serious about clearing shooting lanes.

Lithium chain saws are the bee’s knees for clearing crossbow shooting lanes and nuisance trees that will hinder your hunting.

Unlike gassers which are loud and stinky, lithium saws are ultra stealthy and extremely lightweight.

Let There Be Light!

Crossbow hunting from a hang-on treestand is made much easier with a head-lamp. It’s much safer to have both hands free when you are climbing the tree at dusk or dawn. Head lamps rock!

The nest hang-on tree stands for crossbow deer hunting will not guarantee you tag a monster buck this fall, but they will allow you to hunt areas that many other hunters cannot access with larger, bulkier ladder stands and box blinds.

Just remember not to go ultra-cheap when buying a hang-on style treestand for crossbow hunting. There is nothing worse than being up in a flimsy stand that creaks when you move and wobbles under your weight every time the wind blows.

You want a hang-on treestand with a large platform you can stand on and turn and pivot on comfortably and quietly and without any worry of feeling like you are going to fall out of the tree.

And please remember to always wear a safety strap when hunting from hang on tree-stands. One little slip or accidental nap is all it takes and you’re on your way down to mother earth for a high speed dirt nap. That scenario never ends well and can end more than just your hunt.

Written by Mark Metzlov

A certified "Crossbow Guru," with over 35 years of bowhunting experience Mark loves to test new crossbow models at the range, and in the woods during hunting season. Mark is also a top-notch wild game chef who can cook up a wicked venison burger on a moment's notice!

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