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Best Crossbows Under $600 (2021 Models)

Our Editor Picks For The Best Hunting Crossbows For $600 Is Here!

Yes! The best crossbows under $600 are here and the list is getting bigger and bigger each year as more and more manufactures continue to add to their product line-ups.

best crossbow under $600 for huntingWhile the best crossbows under $600 aren’t going to top the charts in the arrow FPS department, they are not far beyond the big dogs.

And speed isn’t everything. Many of the features found on sub 600 dollar hunting crossbows offer serious accuracy, convenience and dependability with top-notch safety features included.

What should you look for in best crossbows under $600?

  • Integrated finger protection and an anti-dry-fire system for safety;
  • Mid-level illuminated optics allowing for accurate shooting in low light hunting conditions;
  • A quiet and easy to access crossbow bolt quiver with broadhead capability;
  • Shooting speeds at or around the 400 FPS (Feet Per Second) mark;
  • The option to incorporate a crank to draw device is a great bonus;
  • Adjustable stocks are also becoming available at the $600 price point;

Below you will find some of our top choices for reviews of the best crossbows under $600.

As you will see, some of these crossbow models are quite below the max price, which means that you will get everything you will need for much less money. So take a look and decide for yourself which one of these crossbows is the one for you.

Here are our picks for the best crossbows under $600:

1. Bear X Constrictor Ready to Shoot Crossbow

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With a narrow design, which makes this crossbow perfect for hunting in tight places the Bear X Constrictor is a great choice. Combining that with the high speeds that this bow can launch the arrows make it a deadly weapon.

With speeds of up to 410 feet per second and a draw weight of 190 LBS, also weight of 7.8 LBS, this bow is perfect for anyone. It has an anti-dry fire mechanism that helps with preventing unintentional firiing.

Together with the bow, you also get an illuminated scope that is good enough, and will certainly get the job done. You will also get rail lube, a cocking rope, a sling a quiver, and last but not least, you will find the BearX TrueX 20-inch bolts. And with a price of $599, this is a deal you don’t want to miss, especially since this is one of the most potent bows on this list.

2. Bear X Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow

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This crossbow is made with a very similar performance to the last bow, which is made by the same company.  The main differences between these two are in the speed they shoot, this one has a slightly lower speed, with it being at 400 feet per second.

Another difference is the draw weight on this crossbow it’s a bit higher at 210 LBS. Pricing is also one of the significant differences, with Bear X Intense being lower priced a which is a bit of a  difference compared to the Bear X Constrictor.

Apart from these changes, everything else is almost the same. You still get an illuminated scope and the same bundle of items, including rail lube, a cocking rope, a sling, a quiver, and the arrows, which are also the same 20-inch BearX TrueX bolts.

3. Killer Instinct Furious Pro 9.5 400FPS Crossbow

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Even though this crossbow maker is new, they still have shown impressive skills and unique abilities when it comes to making an excellent bow.

Just by looking at the name you can tell a few specifications directly, the first one is the speed of the arrows being at 400 feet per second, and the 9.5 is for how wide in inches the bow is at the cocked position. With a weight of 7 LBS and a draw weight of 185 LBS, this bow is easy to handle by everybody regardless of their size. Another good thing about this model is the scope that it has, the LUMIX 4 x 32 IR-E is excellent and it won’t give you troubles. It’s one of our favorite scopes on this list of the best crossbows under $600.

Even though the scope will be calibrated from the factory, you should still take a closer look at it to see if it’s good enough for your needs. Included with the bow and the scope, you also get rail lube, a cocking rope, a quiver which holds up to five arrows, and of course, arrows and in this case 20-inch ones with moon nocks.

As for pricing, you can get this bow at or slightly below the magical $600 mark.

4. CenterPoint Archery CP400 Crossbow

Centerpoint makes the best crossbows under $600 list with the CP400 hunting crossbow.

Ripping arrows at 400 FPS the Helicoil Cams on the CP400 make for some smooth and accurate shooting at ranges out beyond 50 yards. The compact design makes this a great choice for hunting in tight blinds and tree stands.

5. Wicked Ridge Invader 400

The fast shooting Invader 400 is a splendid crossbow hunting package for folks hunting from tree-stands and box blinds where cocking a crossbow can be a challenge.

Equipped with the ACUDRAW 50 COCKING DEVICE, the Invader 400 makes drawing the crossbow a cake walk! This is one of the few options on our best crossbows under $600 list that features a ACUDRAW 50 cocking device.

6. Barnett TS380 Hunting Crossbow Under $600

Another awesome choice for the tree-stand hunters, the TS380 crossbow is fit with a crank-to-draw device and spits bolts out at a respectable 380 FPS. A crank to draw device is a great deal for a best crossbows under $600 pick!

The Halo 4×32 scope is also decent in low-light shooting conditions that many hunters encounter.

7. Excalibur Crossbows Micro MAG 340

Looking to keep it simple and live by Murphy’s Law? Check out this ultra-durable and low maintenance recurve hunting crossbow available for under $600.

The Micro Mag 340 can fire up to 340 FPS and is topped off with Excalibur’s higher-end optics.

Best Crossbows Under $600: Expectations

As long as your not expecting top-end speed and accuracy like the high end crossbows in the $3000 and above range, the best crossbows under $600 we showcase in this article are sure to please most crossbow hunters looking for a solid and dependable unit.

Draw weight is another important consideration when choosing a sub $600 crossbow for hunting. Crossbows have traditionally been compared in terms of how fast their draw speed is relative to their weight.

While this is useful to some, especially for shooters who don’t want to spend hours fine-tuning their aim, it can be misleading. There are many factors that go into determining a crossbow’s draw speed and one of these is simply the amount of force required to draw the bow.

best 600 dollar crossbows

This is determined primarily by how much of your limbs’ potential energy is stored in each draw and how much of this potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and transferred to the bow’s string.

The key here is to determine what your maximum and your minimum draw weights are and compare that to other crossbows. In general, you want a crossbow that generates the most power with the least amount of effort so pay attention to that information. Obviously, you’ll also want a crossbow that is lightweight so it is easier for you to carry when shooting and is easy to store when not in use.

You should also take a look at the specifications of these bows, what kind of scope you need, and how fast the crossbow needs to shoot. Another thing to keep in mind is how much experience you have since the self-cocking crossbows are better suited for beginners, but that shouldn’t stop anyone else with more experience from using them.

At this price range, you are bound to find a lot of competition. As we saw on this list of the best hunting crossbows under 600 dollars, this is a very populated price range.

This is a good thing because it makes companies make their crossbows even better, and in the long run, it helps the customer. All the hunting crossbows on this list are very easy to use, with some of them even being able to perform self cocking. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal you plan on hunting; you will be pleased with the performance of all the crossbows mentioned above with all models fully capable of bringing down a deer, moose, or elk out to 50 yards and beyond.




Written by Shane O'Neill

With over 15 years of bowhunting and crossbow hunting experience, Shane is always ready to climb a tree during whitetail season or stalk the crop edges for spring turkey. Shane is old school and often prefers to hunt with a recurve crossbow.

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