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Excalibur Shadow Zone Illuminated Crossbow Scope Review 2019

excalibur shadow zone reviewsThink of the Excalibur Shadow Zone as a Tact-Zone with slightly better optics. When comparing the two side by side during our review the Shadow Zone does produce a noticeably clearer and crisper image overall, especially in low light conditions.

The Shadow Zone is a bit longer than the Tact-Zone, so you will sacrifice size for the better image quality. If you own a super compact crossbow and plan to do a lot of still hunting and moving around through the woods the Shadow Zone may not be the best choice.

For tree stand hunters who want to squeeze every single second of shootable light out of the day, the Excalibur Shadow Zone is a perfect of excalibur shadowzone crossbow scopereview of excalibur shadowzone crossbow scope

The Shadow-Zone Scope We Review Had Illuminated Reticles

With both red and green illumination options the shadow zone offers the best of both worlds for low light crossbow hunting as does it’s more compact sibling the Tact-Zone reviewed here.

The Shadow-Zone has got the exact same fundamental design functions as the popular Vari-Zone model PLUS a double color illuminated multiplex reticle 2-4X32mm, making it a must for hunting when you experience low light conditions.

Like the Vari-Zone and Tact-Zone, the Shadow-Zone features Excalibur’s adjustable multiplex crosshair system that makes it feasible to regulate crosshair spacing for 10-yard increments to complement the precise trajectory of your crossbow at velocities between 250 and 350 Feet Per Second.


  • The illuminated reticle is not overly bright to the point of shining out the far end and alerting critters;
  • The reticles are adjustable, allowing the shooter to really dial in for specific ranges;
  • Choice of blue or green reticle illumination is a nice feature;
  • The variable magnification is a great feature for different shooting conditions;
  • Solid build quality will not lose zero even after being bumped around;


  • Somewhat long compared to other xbow scope reviews;

Visibility is great even at final shooting light with the Excalibur Shadow Zone. The illumination in the reticle will not shine through the other end of the glass and alert animals of your presence.

The speed adjustment is really a nice feature and greatly improves the overall accuracy of different crossbow poundages.

    • 44mm objective
    • Dual red or green illuminated reticle
    • Fully multi-coated lenses
    • Adjustable for different crossbow FPS

What are the dimensions of the Crossbow Scope?

The scope weighs just over 7 ounces and is about 13 inches long. This isn’t a compact scope. It is best suited for hunting from ground blinds or tree stands vs still hunting in thick woods or heavy brush.

How does it perform in low light?

The low light performance was great using this scope. We noticed better image quality vs the smaller Tact-Zone scope and dialing the illumination setting down to the dimmest setting was not overwhelming during low light shooting.

Are mounting rings included when I buy an Excalibur Shadow-Zone scope?

No, rings are not included. Any set of standard 1″ mounting rings should work fine.

How durable is the Excalibur Shadow Zone?

This scope is a real workhorse. The high-end optics are multi-coated for fog and glare prevention and the tube is nitrogen filled as well.

If you are looking a for a high-quality xbow scope with illuminated reticles, the Excalibur Shadow Zone is a great buy. The scope is always a great upgrade item because most crossbow packages bought online or in stores feature lower quality optics.

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This is always a catch 22 because the scope is one of the most critical components. A good xbow scope like the Excalibur Shadow Zone will allow you to hunt longer in low light conditions like dusk or dawn. This alone makes it worth the money.

We also like the fact that the ShadowZone is variable power, allowing the shooter to zoom in and out. While the zoom functions aren’t super powerful like a 3x-12x rifle scope, it does offer some zoom ability for different shooting conditions.

There is also an adjustable eye relief ring allowing the shooter to dial in the sharpness of the crosshairs at different distances from the eye. What’s nice about shooting a crossbow compared to a rifle is the lack of recoil. You never have to worry about being popped in the eye socket if you shoot with your eye too close to the scope.

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Shadow Zone Crossbow Scope Review Conclusion

Don’t be afraid to buy this scope and slap it on your crossbow for increased accuracy and excellent performance in low light conditions when most of the action happens!

We almost always recommend ditching the low-quality scopes that ship with most modern crossbow packages. Upgrading to the Shadow Zone Illuminated Xbow Scope will set you back some cash but it’s well worth the investment.

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Written by Mark Metzlov

A certified "Crossbow Guru," with over 35 years of bowhunting experience Mark loves to test new crossbow models at the range, and in the woods during hunting season. Mark is also a top-notch wild game chef who can cook up a wicked venison burger on a moment's notice!

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