Barnett Crossbow Reviews 2020

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As a cutting edge player in the crossbow hunting market, more and more archery hunters are after Barnett crossbow reviews to help in the purchase decision making process.

While in the past the main issue was a lack of designs and not a lot of variety, now the tables have turned.

Barnett offers a wide selection of crossbow varieties all suited to best fit different shooting styles and hunting types.

The problem now comes with choosing the best crossbow for your hunting purposes as there exists a variety of crossbow brands.

The Barnett Crossbow Company In Review:

Before kicking right into the best, Barnett crossbow reviews, let’s look at the company as a whole.

As one of the most powerful xbow brands, Barnett crossbows have been leading the industry for over 50 years now.what are the best barnett crossbows?

Bernard Barnett is the founder of the company where he started making crossbow in the United Kingdom in 1958.

In 2003, the Barnett crossbow company moved to the United States where it has been operating up to date.

Barnett has invented many of most of the widely used crossbows models throughout the hunting industry, and the company continues to review the market and adjust their xbow offerings to offer shooters the best Barnett crossbows for hunting and competition.

There are different Barnett crossbows available at different prices to increase affordability across the scale. In review, this strategy has worked well for the company as it provides a broad spectrum of crossbow models across the entire market.

Instead of focusing on just high or low-end crossbows, Barnett offers the complete spectrum of crossbows ranging from inexpensive beginner and youth models to cutting edge reverse draw and hi-performance compact xbows pushing the envelopes of speed, power, and accuracy.

This article provides information on the best Barnett crossbows reviews to help you in choosing the model best suited for you.

Top 5 Best Rated Barnett Crossbow Reviews

Below is a highlight of the best Barnett crossbows reviews in 2019, giving an insight to some of the convenient crossbow present in the market.

Barnett Vengeance Crossbow Review Snapshot

best barnett crossbow reviewsThe Vengeance is one of the most potent xbows currently available for sale online. It shoots a bolt at a speed of 365 feet per second, which is enough power for a lethal hit on most large game animals.

It has an attached 3 x 32 scope that increases the accuracy by reaching a broader view. The barrel can accommodate an arrow of up to 22″ in length, and it has a rope cocking mechanism.

The Barnett Vengeance crossbow is developed with a reverse limb and a carbon riser technology.

The riser weight has significantly been reduced up to 43% while it requires a draw weight of 140 lbs. Therefore carrying it around should never be a problem.

It is definite that the Barnett vengeance crossbow was developed to increase the efficiency of hunting by ensuring maximum accuracy.

Assembling the components of the crossbow should take you less than 30 minutes.


  • It is durable
  • Super compact reverse limb design
  • Loaded with safety features
  • Low draw weight


  • Some users report issues with weak strings

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Barnett Predator Crossbow Snapshot
Barnett predator is one of the fastest crossbows from the Barnett developers. It hits at a speed of 405 fps with a power stroke of 16.25″.

This crossbow has a 1.5-5 x 32 scope, which is illuminated; greatly enhancing the accuracy in low light conditions. The xbow has a rope cocking mechanism and a barrel holding arrows of up to 22″.

This crossbow is light in weight, i.e., 7.6 pounds and requires a serious 187 pounds of draw weight, making it almost effortless.

The footprint is narrow with a length of 37.125″, a width of 19.75″ and measures 17.875″ from one axle to the other.

The efficiency and safety of this crossbow are enhanced by the inclusion of a side mount quiver, string dampers, and carbon-lite step-through riser.

In a nutshell, shooting using this crossbow means silent, smooth, and highly accurate hits.

It also features an anti-dry trigger system with finger guards, nock sensor and lube wax for the rail efficiency and string life.


  • – Super fast and powerful
  • – Great safety features
  • – Light weight & easy to carry


  • – Heavy draw weight
  • – Somewhat bulky

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Barnett Headhunter Crossbow In Depth

Barnett PREDATOR CrossbowThe Headhunter is also a favorite and well-reviewed crossbow from Barnett.

The Headhunter is developed with the reverse draw technology producing a powerful shot having a power stroke of 15.125″ and shooting an arrow at 330 fps.

It has a slim design being only 16.75″ from one axle to the other, thereby increasing efficiency in handling. Headhunter is one of the lightest crossbow weighing only 6.5 lbs and requiring a draw weight of 155 lbs.

It is usually shipped and delivered while assembled although assembly does not require too much time; the package contains a manual that aids in the assembly purpose.


  • – Lightweight is easy to carry
  • – Compact reverse limb design is great for hunting tight cover and in tree stands
  • – Modest 155 LBS draw weight
  • – One of the less expensive reverse draw xbows available


  • – Some users report string issues and poor paint adhesion on limbs and risers.
  • – One of the slowest shooting reverse draw xbows.

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Barnett TS390 Crossbow Details

Available at an affordable price, The Barnett TS390 is a piece of highly durable hunting equipment. It hits up to 390 fps resulting in kinetic energy of 128 ft. Lbs from a power stroke of 14.25″.

It has a rope cocking mechanism with string dampeners to smoothen the shooting for improved accuracy. Sighting is done through a 4 x 32 scope.

Carrying it around should never be a problem since it is light, having a total weight of 7.6 lbs., and it requires a draw weight of 187 lbs.

Its flight track is made of aluminum and machined precisely with CNC precision for smooth and quiet shots.

The safety of the Barnett TS390 is enhanced through the knock sensor, trigger finger guards, and anti-dry fire trigger to avoid accidental dry-fire.


  • – Lightweight and easy to carry
  • – Shoots fast for a low-cost xbow
  • – The adjustable stock is a nice touch
  • – Decent scope for the price
  • – Nice string and cable silencing features


  • – Heavy draw weight takes some strength to pull back
  • – No crank to draw option available

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Barnett Ghost 375 Details
Last but certainly not least is the Barnett Ghost 375, which is the new and improved design of the super popular Ghost 360 model. It has a 5-1 safety system with an anti-dry fire trigger to prevent accidental discharge.

It also has finger reminders to enhance the safety of the trigger finger.

Besides safety enhancements, the 375 features a patented step-through Carbonlite riser design incorporating the foot stirrup into the riser itself. This reduces weight and overall length, making the Ghost 375 balance better.

The flight track is made of aluminum, the limbs are compositely laminated while the riser is made of carbon, and therefore, the bow’s weight is significantly reduced.

It makes for a great hiking companion when out hunting or on long treks to the deer stand.

The Barnett Ghost 375 requires a draw weight of 165 lbs. via the included rope cocking system or the option to include a rope-draw mechanism.


  • – Ultra light weight design
  • – Unique integrated foot stirrup improves balance while shooting
  • – Nice crisp trigger pull isn’t insanely heavy


  • – Somewhat noisy when shot

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The best Barnett crossbow reviews are not all about price alone.

The critical thing to remember when looking to buy a Barnett crossbow is to carefully consider how you intend to hunt with it.

If you plan to hunt from a tree or a small ground blind you are better off with a Barnett compact crossbow vs. one of the larger models, for example.

As a leader in crossbow design and production, Barnett continues to forge high quality, fast, and durable crossbows for hunting and competition.

Barnett crossbows consistently do well in reviews, and there is a reason for that!

I am an avid compound bow and crossbow hunter living in the midwestern United States. I like to write crossbow and hunting gear reviews as well as hunting news and how to posts.

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