Barnett Crossbow Reviews 2021

As a cutting edge player in the crossbow hunting market, more and more archery hunters are after Barnett crossbow reviews to help in the purchase decision making process.

While in the past the main issue was a lack of designs and not a lot of variety, now the tables have turned.

Barnett offers a wide selection of crossbow varieties all suited to best fit different shooting styles and hunting types.

The problem now comes with choosing the best crossbow for your hunting purposes as there exists a variety of crossbow brands.

Top 5 Best Rated Barnett Crossbow Reviews

Below is a highlight of the best Barnett crossbow reviews giving an insight to what Barnett currently offers in the crossbow hunting market.

Presenting Barnett’s new Hyper Series, featuring Hyperflite ™ and HyperGhost ™ high-performance hunting crossbows.

Barnett engineers channeled years of engineering and production experience into Hyper crossbow technology and functionality.

Blistering arrow speed rates paired with top-performing Hyperflite arrows will make Hyper hunting crossbows the toughest, fastest weapons in the woods next deer season.

BARNETT Hypertac Pro 430 Crossbow & Crank Combo

The HyperTac ™ Pro 430 is packed with great features for crossbow hunters, consisting of a freshly patented string system you will not locate anywhere else.

Combined with the quick-detach incorporated CCD, the HyperTac Pro guarantees a worry-free and faster draw so you can be ready for action faster.

The super-customizable format is great for shooters of all sizes. Make use of the flip-down Verti-Grip ™ to fire AR-style, and also set the ideal length-of-pull fit with a micro-adjustable rear stock butt as well as a comfortable cheekpiece.

The conventional frontend, as well as slim backend, provide the HyperTac Pro an extremely well-balanced weight center for peak maneuverability and comfort when aiming.

Hyperflite ™ innovation pounds little diameter arrows at the target with incredible speed as well as accuracy– as much as 430 feet per second and better penetration vs standard crossbow arrows.

Comes equipped with 1.5-5x32mm red/green brightened, speed-compensating optics, pre-installed string dampeners and also multi-position premium quiver finish the bundle for the supreme shooting and hunting experience for shooters of all sizes and experience levels.

The available all-inclusive ready to hunt packages on the market make this a great high-tech turn-key hunting crossbow that is ready to hunt with.

Barnett HyperTac 420 Hunting Crossbow

One of the most portable, as well as destructive crossbow in its price range, is here — the HyperTac ™ 420.

A recently made as well as ultra-compact riser assembly coupled with the tactical-style adjustable composite stock makes this high-performance hunting xbow unbelievably maneuverable in limited quarters such as small hunting blinds and treestands.

The ultra-compact design isn’t the only ultra-compact feature on this brand-new model, it also fires the small-diameter, severe penetrating HyperFlite ™.204 diameter arrows which can rip through vitals when tipped with sharp broadheads.

However, its sharp decor sweetens the deal much more. Mossy Oak Elements Terra Gila® camo conceals the bow in any type of terrain, while the accompanied Halo ® 1.5 – 5 x 32 mm premium red/green illuminated optics allows you to find your target in thick brush and also low light with precision reticles from 10-70 yards out.

The included TriggerTech trigger increases the precision with a crisp, three-pound no creep trigger that adds to the accuracy of the package.


Barnett Hyper Whitetail 410

Tiny size arrows provide unbelievable precision and penetration however are generally out-of-bounds to crossbow hunters … previously.

barnett hyper whitetail crossbow reviewsThe Hyper Whitetail 410 was the very first crossbow in Barnett’s prominent Whitetail Series powered by Hyperflite™ modern arrow speed and penetration technology.

The Hyper Whitetail obtains a leg up with Hyperflite arrowheads, promising as much as 25 percent deeper penetration with 410 feet per second for dangerous and accurate kill shots out to 70 yards.

Complete the package with a brightened 4×32 scope, rope cocking sled, pre-installed string dampeners as well as Picatinny rails for mounting additional devices like flashlights and rangefinders.

There’s a reason Whitetail Series weapons have actually become Barnett’s most popular, and the total shooting experience with the Hyper Whitetail 410 really makes crossbow deer hunting a joy for all hunters!

Barnett STR (Step-Through-Riser) Crossbows

Barnett step-through riser crossbows incorporate the foot stirrup directly into the riser so there is no designated foot loop stirrup adding to the total length of the crossbow.

STR style crossbows are lighter and also a lot more portable because of this, making them simpler to carry around the woods and not as nose heavy so they shoot and balance more like a traditional rifle does.

Additionally, step-through riser innovation means there’s less weight changing around when shouldering and aiming the crossbow to enhance control and ultimately, your total shot accuracy.

The phenomenal design and balance of the STR crossbow series as well as trusted efficiency will certainly take your crossbow quest to an entire new level.

BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow

The Whitetail Hunter STR provides a compact, workable profile that deer hunters of all sizes as well as abilities can handle while hunting in ground blinds, treestands or stalking through the trees!

Barnett’s Step-Through Riser (STR) innovation lowers the size of the crossbow by integrating the foot brace straight into the front of the riser itself. Integrated with a general weight of just 6.6 extra pounds, this crossbow hunts light and fast with a Chrono speed of 375 FPS.

The Whitetail Hunter STR comes ready-to-hunt with all the accessories you require and a fast and easy assembly that will have you out hunting in no time at all.

All important safety features consist of a TriggerTech trigger, anti-dry fire modern technology, finger safety as well as a patented arrow retainer which helps keep the arrow where it should be on the rail.

Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow

Take it up a notch with all the bells and whistles of the standard version amped up a bit to provide a slightly faster arrow speed and a crank to draw option.

BARNETT Droptine STR Deer Hunting Crossbow

You can constantly rely on the Droptine STR ™ to feel great, shoot right as well as deliver solid shots to the vitals where they count the most!

Ditch the old fashioned foot stirrup your grandpa used to use! The step-through riser gets rid of the requirement for a foot stirrup to give the Droptine a longer power stroke with 380 feet per second of hard-hitting speed that will tag any deer out to 50 yards and beyond.

The Droptine STR is decked out in Realtree EDGE™ for some serious blending in to your natural surroundings. You see that crossbow hunter over there? Neither do we!

Barnett HyperGhost 405 Crossbow

Another great option in Barnett’s STR (Step Through Riser) hunting crossbow series the Ghost 405 packs a series punch out to 50 yards and beyond.

The HyperGhost comes loaded to the gills with innovative safety features and it’s compact profile and easy to shoulder footprint makes hunting with this crossbow a joy!

Other Barnett Compound Hunting Crossbows

Barnett’s full range of compound hunting crossbows features a wide range of options for hunters looking for anything from lower-cost entry-level models to higher-end full performance crossbows.

Barnett TS380 Crossbow

Available at an affordable price, The Barnett TS380 is a piece of highly durable hunting equipment. It hits up to 380 fps resulting in kinetic energy of 128 ft. Lbs from a power stroke of 14.25″.

It has a rope cocking mechanism with string dampeners to smoothen the shooting for improved accuracy. Sighting is done through a 4 x 32 scope.

Carrying it around should never be a problem since it is light, having a total weight of 7.6 lbs., and it requires a draw weight of 187 lbs.

Its flight track is made of aluminum and machined precisely with CNC precision for smooth and quiet shots.

The safety of the Barnett TS380 is enhanced through the knock sensor, trigger finger guards, and anti-dry fire trigger to avoid accidental dry-fire.

Barnett Explorer XP 370 & XP400 Crossbows

The Barnett Explorer series presents excellent power and also efficiency in an inexpensive crossbow package that is a great choice for people who are new to crossbow hunting and want something accurate and dependable without having to take out a home equity loan!

The XP370 and XP400 is completely customizable, with an easy to adjust stock and cheek rest for an exceptionally comfy fit and overall pleasant shooting experience regardless of the shooter’s arm length.

Twin laminated limbs provide utmost toughness, enabling the shooter to achieve arrow speeds in the 370-400 feet per second range depending on the model.

An awesome choice for shooters wanting to nail that trophy buck without breaking the bank! The Explorer XP370 and XP400 comes ready-to-hunt with two carbon arrows, 4x32mm multi-reticle scope, rope cocking tool, and a quiver to safely hold the arrows at the ready.

BARNETT Headhunter Reverse Draw Crossbow

The Headhunter is also a favorite and well-reviewed crossbow from Barnett.

The Headhunter is developed with the reverse draw technology producing a powerful shot having a power stroke of 15.125″ and shooting an arrow at 330 fps.

It has a slim design being only 16.75″ from one axle to the other, thereby increasing efficiency in handling. Headhunter is one of the lightest crossbow weighing only 6.5 lbs and requiring a draw weight of 155 lbs.

It is usually shipped and delivered while assembled although assembly does not require too much time; the package contains a manual that aids in the assembly purpose.

Barnett Ghost 375 Hunting Crossbow

The Barnett Ghost 375, which is the new and improved design of the super-popular Ghost 360 model. It has a 5-1 safety system with an anti-dry fire trigger to prevent accidental discharge.

It also has finger reminders to enhance the safety of the trigger finger.

Besides safety enhancements, the 375 features a patented step-through Carbonlite riser design incorporating the foot stirrup into the riser itself. This reduces weight and overall length, making the Ghost 375 balance better.

The flight track is made of aluminum, the limbs are compositely laminated while the riser is made of carbon, and therefore, the bow’s weight is significantly reduced.

It makes for a great hiking companion when out hunting or on long treks to the deer stand.

The Barnett Ghost 375 requires a draw weight of 165 lbs. via the included rope cocking system or the option to include a rope-draw mechanism.

Barnett Recurve Hunting Crossbow Reviews

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid! That’s the glory of low maintenance recurve crossbow design. Recurve crossbows are wonderfully simple and super dependable.

Are they blazing fast like their compound limb brothers and sisters? Heck No! But they are plenty fast to stick a deer out to 40 yards or bag a turkey fast and easy.

These options by Barnett are great for younger hunters or for those looking for a dependable and durable survival crossbow they can count on.

Barnett BlackCat Recurve Hunting Crossbow

Barnett has updated its recurve crossbow line with the all-new Blackcat. Covertly covered in black, it’s a stealth ally that will keep you hidden. Recurve crossbow formats are a fantastic alternative for new crossbow shooters who desire an uncomplicated, easy-to-use design that is incredibly dependable.

The Blackcat additionally has many crucial safety features on its side, with an anti-dry fire trigger as well as finger safety and security features so novices can shoot and hunt safely. Each Barnett Recurve hunting crossbow includes a red dot sight, aluminum arrowheads, and a light-weight quiver.

Barnett Wildcat Camo Recurve Crossbow

Recurve bows maintain the heritage of crossbows alive with a classic, simple design. But do not be tricked– this is no old-fashioned recurve crossbow.

The Wildcat ™ comes equipped with modern upgrades like a complete camo wrap, anti-dry fire trigger system, 4×32 mm multi-reticle range optics as well as copyrighted Soft-Lok ™ drifting bristle crossbow bolt retainer safety feature.

An excellent introductory bow for any type of new crossbow hunters or target shooters, the Wildcat consists of a light-weight quiver and two lightweight aluminum crossbow bolts so you can begin practising for hunting season right away.

The Barnett Crossbow Company In Review:

Before kicking right into the best, Barnett crossbow reviews, let’s look at the company as a whole.

As one of the most powerful xbow brands, Barnett crossbows have been leading the industry for over 50 years now.what are the best barnett crossbows?

Bernard Barnett is the founder of the company where he started making crossbow in the United Kingdom in 1958.

In 2003, the Barnett crossbow company moved to the United States where it has been operating up to date.

Barnett has invented many of most of the widely used crossbows models throughout the hunting industry, and the company continues to review the market and adjust their xbow offerings to offer shooters the best Barnett crossbows for hunting and competition.

There are different Barnett crossbows available at different prices to increase affordability across the scale. In review, this strategy has worked well for the company as it provides a broad spectrum of crossbow models across the entire market.

Instead of focusing on just high or low-end crossbows, Barnett offers the complete spectrum of crossbows ranging from inexpensive beginner and youth models to cutting edge reverse draw and hi-performance compact xbows pushing the envelopes of speed, power, and accuracy.

This article provides information on the best Barnett crossbows reviews to help you in choosing the model best suited for you.

The best Barnett crossbow reviews are not all about price alone.

The critical thing to remember when looking to buy a Barnett crossbow is to carefully consider how you intend to hunt with it.

If you plan to hunt from a tree or a small ground blind you are better off with a Barnett compact crossbow vs. one of the larger models, for example.

As a leader in crossbow design and production, Barnett continues to forge high quality, fast, and durable crossbows for hunting and competition.

Barnett crossbows consistently do well in reviews, and there is a reason for that!

Barnett Crossbows: Older and Outdated Models

Here’s a roundup of some of Barnett’s older crossbow models to give you an idea of the evolution and technology upgrades the brand has implemented throughout the years.

Barnett Vengeance Crossbow

The Vengeance shoots a bolt at a speed of 365 feet per second, which is enough power for a lethal hit on most large game animals.

It has an attached 3 x 32 scope that increases the accuracy by reaching a broader view. The barrel can accommodate an arrow of up to 22″ in length, and it has a rope cocking mechanism.

The Barnett Vengeance crossbow is developed with a reverse limb and a carbon riser technology.

The riser weight has significantly been reduced up to 43% while it requires a draw weight of 140 lbs. Therefore carrying it around should never be a problem.

It is definite that the Barnett vengeance crossbow was developed to increase the efficiency of hunting by ensuring maximum accuracy.

Assembling the components of the crossbow should take you less than 30 minutes.

Barnett Predator Crossbow Snapshot

The Barnett predator was one of the fastest crossbows from the Barnett developers. It hits at a speed of 405 fps with a power stroke of 16.25″.

This crossbow has a 1.5-5 x 32 scope, which is illuminated; greatly enhancing the accuracy in low light conditions. The xbow has a rope cocking mechanism and a barrel holding arrows of up to 22″.

This crossbow is light in weight, i.e., 7.6 pounds and requires a serious 187 pounds of draw weight, making it almost effortless.

The footprint is narrow with a length of 37.125″, a width of 19.75″ and measures 17.875″ from one axle to the other.

The efficiency and safety of this crossbow are enhanced by the inclusion of a side mount quiver, string dampers, and carbon-lite step-through riser.

In a nutshell, shooting using this crossbow means silent, smooth, and highly accurate hits.

It also features an anti-dry trigger system with finger guards, nock sensor and lube wax for rail efficiency and string life.

Stay tuned! We will continue to update this page with new and exciting crossbow models from Barnett! They are always adding to their line of hunting crossbows as advances in engineering and design become available.

The future will most likely bring faster shooting crossbows with more features that will make them easier to draw, and more lethal. A win-win for all crossbow hunters!

Written by Mark Metzlov

A certified "Crossbow Guru," with over 35 years of bowhunting experience Mark loves to test new crossbow models at the range, and in the woods during hunting season. Mark is also a top-notch wild game chef who can cook up a wicked venison burger on a moment's notice!

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