The Top Crossbow Brands Of 2021

top crossbow manufacturers

Many of the top rated crossbow brands got there start engineering, designing and manufacturing traditional archery bows and equipment.

Recurve bows have been around for a long, long time. Think cavemen lobbing arrows at angry Mastadons, and native Americans stalking deer and high plains buffalo! When Fred Bear appeared on the scene during the 1950s, modern day archery was born.

Recurve bows evolved to the point of being powerful enough to harvest large and small game animals with accuracy and dependability. When compound bows with cables and pulleys were invented more brands began to enter the market.

The increased speed, accuracy, and ease of use provided by compound bows really opened up the market to a whole new breed: the modern day bowhunter. As bow hunting became more and more popular over the years, archery equipment brands evolved to include crossbows.

With an increasing number of states allowing crossbow hunting for deer, elk, and other species more crossbow brands are becoming available.

Many of the top crossbow brands continue to be the same companies that were around during the sports’ inception. Yet there also exists a whole new breed of crossbow manufactures with roots in other industries.

Some brands are using cutting edge technologies in limb and riser design to push modern day xbows to insane levels of performance, allowing hunters with more and more speed and accuracy.

best crossbow brandsThe list below features some of the top-rated crossbow brands currently manufacturing high-quality models for target and or hunting use.

If you are going to spend a lot of money on an xbow, it makes sense to go with a trusted brand vs. some fly by night flash in the pan that could be gone tomorrow.

Xbows have moving parts that are prone to wear and tear. You want a brand that is dependable and will provide parts and service for years down the road.

Like anything else in this world, you get what you pay for!

Here is our list of some of the top crossbow brands:

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[wpsm_titlebox title=” Ravin R10 By Ravin Crossbow Brands ” style=”3″]

top crossbow brands

This crossbow produced by Ravin is one of the best in the market today. This weapon can be described as laser accurate, fast shooting and hard-hitting. It can be used to hunt at long ranges due to its 100 yard illuminated scope.

The Ravin Crossbows R10 also comes with several unique features that make it the best. For example, it has a detachable cocking mechanism, sling, and a quiver mounting system.

Additionally, the crossbow comes with six arrows with field points, auto safety, and anti-dry fire mechanism.


  • Super fast industry leading arrow speed
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Low draw weight 
  • Detachable draw mechanism
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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Mission Sub-1 Crossbow” style=”3″]
Mission Sub-1 Crossbow – by Matthews brand, a leader in the compound bow industry, the Mission Xbows has taken the industry by storm with class-leading performance, dependability, and accuracy. One-inch groups at 100 yards with a crossbow are possible with the Mission Sub-1, making it an excellent choice for deer, elk, and other big game species.

Super crisp trigger system provides rifle like accuracy. CNC machined aluminum stock is sturdy, yet super lightweight fast-Load system with a unique arrow retaining system pins the arrow to the rail to eliminate any noise from movement.

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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Matrix G340 By Excalibur Crossbows” style=”3″]

Excalibur Matrix G340 CrossbowThe G340 xbow combines 35 years of experience in a hunting package that is tough to beat. The weatherproof design is made for ultimate durability in a wide variety of hunting conditions.

The simple recurve limb design is ideal for hunters looking for accuracy and power without all the moving parts and extra maintenance that compound crossbows require.

Capable of slinging arrows up to 340FPS makes the G340 xbow plenty powerful for harvesting deer and other large game animals out to 50 yards.


  • Simple and durable design 
  • Easy to use 
  • Powerful and accurate.
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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Ghost 420 Revenant” style=”3″]
the leading hunting crossbow brandsGhost 375 Revenant by Barnett Crossbows Brand If you are good at stationary hunting, then this could be the Barnett Ghost 375 Revenant could be the best crossbow for you. Barnet crossbows are timeless firearms. They have taken top ranks in the market every year in spite of the technologies that come around.

This beast of an xbow weighs approximately 8 Ibs and a draw weight of 185Ibs. Also, all customers need to be aware of the trigger that has a patented frictionless release mechanism.

It means that when using the Barnet bow, you can take almost no weight to release the arrow and this is regardless of the total load on the trigger sear roller.

With all these characteristics, it is evident that the Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant is one of the top crossbow brands for hunting deer.

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  •  It is tested and proven fast
  •  Sold at an affordable price
  •  Has high accuracy

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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Titan SS By Ten Point Archery” style=”3″]

If you are looking for a solid deer hunting xbow that doesn’t break the bank, you should consider looking at the TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow. This xbow is a great choice for hunters who are new to xbow hunting and want a solid platform to start with.

The Titan SS is fully capable of accurate shots out to 50 yards, making it a great choice for whitetail deer hunting in wooded areas from ground blinds and tree stands. It sports excellent safety features and is easily upgraded with higher end components like an Accu-Draw system and better quality optics.

One of the most amazing things about the TenPoint Titan SS is that it has a lot of features and innovations that make hunting more comfortable and more enjoyable.


  • Built with a simple and elegant design
  • Super accurate
  • Great safety features
  • Easy to upgrade
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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Excalibur Matrix Grizzly” style=”3″]

This crossbow is most appropriate for buyers who are on a budget. The constant innovation on crossbows might tempt you to spend too much money on a fancy compound xbow brand, yet the simplicity and ease of use of a recurve crossbow brand is often times the best choice.

This is one of the reasons why one should consider buying the Excalibur Brand Matrix Grizzly. Even if this xbow does not have fancy features and mechanisms, it will work well for you and will not break your bank account.

Another reason why it is considered as one of the best brands of recurve crossbows on the market is its trigger, which is surprisingly light and crisp considering how much draw weight it is holding back. The Matrix Grizzly is also a brand of crossbow that is easy to maintain and virtually unbreakable, which means that it can serve you for years.

  • It is affordable
  • • Incredibly accurate
  • • Durable and lightweight.
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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Storm RDX By Horton Crossbows Brand” style=”3″]
For a long time now, Horton has been making crossbows. This company is the parent of TenPoint, but they are still producing excellent hunting tools. Most of the xbows that they make are reverse draw compound crossbows.

One of the things that make them unique from all other brands of crossbows in the market is the balance that comes from the position of the limbs. The limbs are located on the rear end on the crossbow.

When shooting, the limbs draw forward. The Horton Storm RDX can also be described as a highly maneuverable xbow that is a great option for still hunting in thick cover or in confined places like small bow hunting blinds.


  • It is well balanced and weighted
  • Has an excellent trigger
  • Small and compact reverse limb design
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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Bear Archery Brand Fisix FFL” style=”3″]

Bear Archery Fisix FFL CrossbowIf you have been hunting for a long time, you have probably heard of the legendary Bear Archery brand and its track record for solid dependability, accuracy, and power. The Fisix FFL is one of Bear Archery’s high-end offerings.

It is also very affordable. Bear Archery Fisix FFL xbow produces fast and accurate shots with great stability and a host of great safety features.


  • Affordable
  • Has a rugged and sturdy design
  • Very accurate.
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[wpsm_titlebox title=”Tormentor Whisper By Centerpoint Crossbow Brands ” style=”3″]

Centerpoint crossbows manufacture some of the best bangs for the buck xbow models currently available. While they don’t top the charts for speed, range, and performance, they provide stable FPS with features making them ideal for beginners and old-timers alike.

The Tormentor Whisper is one of their most popular models and features a unique string silencing system and full aluminum riser with split fiberglass limbs.


  • Loaded with noise suppression 
  • great performance for crossbow hunters on a budget
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Know What You Need Before Shopping The Top Crossbow Brands

crossbow brandsBefore spending your money on any crossbow brand, make or model, you need to be sure of the product that you are buying and ask yourself whether it is worth your money or not.

You should have an idea of what you are looking for in a crossbow and the money you are willing to spend before hitting that buy button.

If you are more concerned with longevity and overall durability, choosing a brand of crossbow with recurve limbs may be a better choice than one of the more complicated compound limb varieties that have more moving parts.

Remember Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong! It applies to the best xbow brands and models as well.

As crossbows increase in popularity, these top crossbow brands continue to produce outstanding models with exceptional safety features and unmatched performance for both hunting and target shooting.

Written by Mark Metzlov

A certified "Crossbow Guru," with over 35 years of bowhunting experience Mark loves to test new crossbow models at the range, and in the woods during hunting season. Mark is also a top-notch wild game chef who can cook up a wicked venison burger on a moment's notice!

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